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jg42122 24th October 2008 07:41 PM

Any one had trouble with ask . Com ppc
I am starting to have a small change of heart at least for one ppc site I signed up for
ask .com ppc service with there promotional $50 dollar coupon I put my level to 10.00 a day which is what I use on all the engines and thats more than enough I went back to check my listing 2 hours later and it was completely used up I set my clicks at 20-30 cents and in 2 hours time completely gone and they claimed I had received like 300 hits so I used another 10.00 and an hour later it was used up as well I dont have this much with google and yahoo combined and I think something is wrong here oh I got absolutely no sales I usually average 1 out of every 150 visitors WITH THE OTHER GUYS Any ways I used up the 50 dollar coupon supposedly got 1300 or so visitors but I have not put any more money into the acct because it was real fishy oh here s the weird part all the hits came from 1 keyword so when I removed the keyword the hits kept coming in but all from a different keyword it was not spread out JUST 1 KEYWORD AT A TIME I emailed them and asked them and they said the hits were all real that they had a special way of telling?????

youbetcha1018 27th October 2008 01:52 PM

Never had any problem with, I have been a member for quite sometime now and fortunately, it never gave me any problem.

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