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Piers Rollins 27th October 2015 02:00 AM

Google Tag Manager
What is Google Tag Manager? and How can it help us in terms of SEO?

metricbuzz88 27th October 2015 03:58 AM

Google tag manager helps to integrate with remarketing, analytics, webmaster tools and much more within very few steps. Tag manager is mainly used for analysis of big brand websites. I don't think that a small business peoples are using this.


Fast and flexible digital marketing

Speed counts in today's global marketplace. Google Tag Manager gives you the power to create and update tags for your website and mobile apps, any time you want, at the speed of your business.

markbaker 27th October 2015 05:25 AM

Google tag manager is a free tool where you can manage your Google analytics, Conversion tracking, Remarketing and other code snippets. You can add new tags quickly without complex code and easily debug your code before publishing the change. It helps to improve your site speed. GTM's auto event tracking feature allow you manually trigger events from your code.

saiburi 3rd November 2015 03:38 AM

It is helpful for integrate with remarketing, analytics, webmaster tools.

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