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CreativelyBelle 2nd September 2007 06:04 PM

PayPal's Order Tracking Facility MIA
Hey there,

Has anyone else found they can't access their PayPal order tracking facility from orders?

I noticed it last week with an order I went to update with date of postage and insurance tracking number but couldn't find the link to it. So I had to manually email the customer to give them their tracking number.

I don't know if this is just a serious fault with my account but I'd love to know if it is across the board or not. Has PayPal removed this vital facility from all or some of their accounts (major business failure if they have) or is it just a little stuff up for a few customers?

Obviously not being able to directly track orders within the PayPal GUI means I'll have to find a different online payment system and then all the work to rework my website with all the buying buttons.

I tried searching for "adding order tracking details" in the PayPal help and found nothing. So I tried a series of other terms and ways and still found nothing.

I then went and checked the orders I knew I did add order tracking details to and the facility and info has gone missing from them too.

I'm very good with getting orders out within 24 hours in a business week and there haven't been any delays so that's alright. But now I'm going to have to create a work-around while I get this deal breaking issue resolved.

I have an email into PayPal asking for what's happened but experience has taught me that if PayPal removes something and don't want to discuss it then they don't reply to emails asking about it.

I'm really hoping it is just a stuff up and would love to hear from you about your facility. What have you found with your PayPal facility?

Do please share your experiences with this issue.

Corey Bryant 4th September 2007 04:22 PM

Did you check out Paypal Dev Forum for some information?

CreativelyBelle 5th September 2007 09:22 PM

Yes, I bounced round the site and found nothing. But there might be something there now as I've had responses to my email saying their techos are looking at it but don't currently know what's wrong, while hoping it will be sorted soon.

Thanks. :)

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