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Speed-Mixing 15th May 2005 10:22 PM

Speed Networking Services
Hi, My name is Philip O'Neil.

The main service that I am running is cards for organising Speed Networking events. Typically at networking events, most people go home only meeting around 5 people. At a Speed Networking event, the event is structured to match people together for a few minutes at a time and at the end of the event everyone has met 12 - 30 potential business contacts.

Usually Speed Networking events copy the Speed Dating format of pairing people up together. My Speed Networking events (I call Speed Mixing) involve people meeting on tables of 4 people and so that everyone meets 3 new people at a time. The fact that they only have to introduce themselves once for all three people puts those involved at a significant speed advantage over pairing up. So if everyone need 2.5 minutes to talk then meeting 3 people on a table of 4 takes 10 minutes as opposed to 15 minutes for 3 tables of 2.

This sort of Speed Networking is more complex than the more traditional pairing up. But, this sort of Speed Networking has significant efficiency advantages over pairing up and so I am confident that it is better. Hence the service that I provide is to sell those who want to run a Speed Networking event a set of 400 cards that can be used to operate a Speed Networking event for 28 - 112 people on tables of 4 people at a time. I can use logos and personalise the cards to however the customer wants. The cards would be used in a Speed Networking event to direct everyone involved to the correct table to ensure that they only meet new people.

Speed Networking groups are the main focus of my marketing at the moment. In time I will start focussing on other markets who wish to have cards and services for organising people into groups. These cards are designed to mix people into groups while minimising the number of people who have previously been in a group together. Ultimately, I think the teaching market has the most potential but I have been advised that the teaching market is quite complex and so Speed Networking is a better place to start.

jeanm 16th May 2005 04:59 AM

Hi Philip. It's really good to meet a fellow West Australian at this forum. You and I are rarities you know!!! :thumbsup: Whereabouts is your business physically located? I guess you heard about the tornado that blew through here today. 140 km/hour winds. Some of the damage is really awful but thankfully no-one seems to be hurt. I really enjoy this forum. There are lots of helpful and friendly people here. I'm sure you'll enjoy it too.

gilmorejay 16th May 2005 07:00 AM

Maybe I am old fashioned (at 32 years), but I prefer to have meetings that are more organic in nature. I find that though I wouldn't get to see as many people, I think that I would rather be able to meet 2-5 people per hour and really get to know what people have to say, even if those people will never become a client.

The distinct advantage of the speed format is that it removes the pressure to break away from one conversation to go into another and it would eliminate the clumping of people and isolation of others. Let's face it not all of us are so outgoing.

At my local networking sessions I do find that there is not enough networking time and that it could be refocused with a similar format.


Robert 16th May 2005 08:46 AM


Originally Posted by jeanm
I guess you heard about the tornado that blew through here today. 140 km/hour winds. Some of the damage is really awful

I'm glad to hear you weren't hurt Jean - that's scary.

obinstitute 16th May 2005 10:00 AM

Welcome to the forum Philip! :standingw


Speed-Mixing 17th May 2005 01:33 AM

G'day Jean Morrison,

I work from home in the Joondalup side of Perth. I do have family in Bunbury and so I am there about once a month. We escaped the tornado winds up north. I wish you good luck with what you had to go through.

At the moment, I can only afford to put a part-time commitment to my business as I haven't managed to find a steady stream of income but I'm young and it's early days and so I'm not too worried about that yet. Let me know if there is anything else you would like to know.

From Philip O'Neil :cool:

Linda 25th May 2005 02:28 PM

Great to have you here on the forum Philip!

Linda ;)

pkfrompa 31st May 2005 04:54 AM

HI Philip, I am PK and I own, a speed dating and singles services business in southeaster PA in the US. It sounds like Speed Networking has some of the social advantages of speed dating. Even though of course your gatherings involve professionals rather than eligible singles, speed networking is a great solution for professionals who have shy personalities and may have difficulty introducing themselves or asserting themselves, especially in business environments where pressure is on to "sell" themselves as they represent their product.

I am intriqued by your background in math and how you have related it to your S.N. business through the development of the mixing cards. Would the participants use some sort of pencil check-off system on the cards so that they don't get confused about where they are in the lineup? With speed dating it does help to have the room rotating in one direction or between numbered tables because after going to a few tables it can all become somewhat of a blur. Also, do you use a timer, bell, or some other signal so that participants know when it's time to move on? Without the use of our handy dandy bell our speed dating events would quickly become disorganized as some participants tend to linger at tables of those they are attracted to, while others can hardly wait for the bell to ring!

Best to you from the US,

Speed-Mixing 2nd June 2005 10:10 PM


Sorry that I haven't responded sooner. I just saw your post today.

Speed Networking does seem to have many of the same advantages as Speed Dating. My reasons for trying to focus on Speed Networking more than Speed Dating is that I have found that the response that I have received while communicating with Speed Networking groups to my idea of mixing in groups has been more responsive that of Speed Dating groups. I think that this is because networking does not require the same levels of intimacy that Speed Dating has. I do think that there is potential with Speed Dating though especially with single people who are more interested in making lots of friends then just one partner.

The purpose of the cards is to tell people which table to sit at for each round. So the information on one card may be:

Round 1 - Table 2
Round 2 - Table 6
Round 3 - Table 4
Round 4 - Table 2
Round 5 - Table 1
Round 6 - Table 9
Round 7 - Table 3
Round 8 - Table 6

Each person would be given a unique card and every table would be numbered. I've only had this used in one event and the method of moving to the next round was the co-ordinator (not me) talked into a microphone. I use the term Speed Mixing because when people are finding their next table, everyone is walking in all sorts of directions finding their next table and it can feel a bit like everyone is inside a blender for a short while. Because I predesign the cards to ensure that nobody meets the same person twice, the focus is on making sure that the correct cards are used (different total group sizes require different cards) and that everyone keeps holding on to their card.

What I am working on at the moment is to use this concept in a Quiz Night. Rather than playing in teams of 5 - 12 people, this quiz night will have teams of 35 - 50 people. For the moment, I think that there will only be two teams but I am considering 3. Each team involves people using cards with similar information to above (8 rounds with a table number per round/7 tables per team). At the end of each round everyone moves onto the new table for the next round and spends a few minutes getting to know everyone on the next table before the Quiz Master starts asking questions. This means that at the end of the night, everyone has had a competitive quiz night and also had an opportunity to meet 35+ people. (Each person only meets people on their team)

I am considering the options of Guys vs Girls, Young vs Old, Single vs Non-single for the categories for the two teams of the quiz night.

Thanks showing interest,

From Philip

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