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mktstudent 15th January 2007 03:16 PM

Tips For Website Name
does anyone have any tips on what to focus on when thinking of a web site name? please feel free to give me tips to concentrate on. thanks

Old Welsh Guy 15th January 2007 03:38 PM

It depends really, but easy to remember is key, especially if you are looking for word of mouth promotion (hich should be any business. I cant remember how many times I had to spell Google to people ;)

BWelford 15th January 2007 04:08 PM

It's also good if you can "own" the name on the Internet. In other words, try to make sure that, if you do a Google search or a Google Blog search for the potential name, then you don't get a lot of other websites or trade names coming up in the searches.

Crimson Fox 15th January 2007 06:20 PM

It's also a good idea to have the name relevant to the product you're selling or talking about.

Say you are selling "Blue shoes" (reference for anyone who listens to MrSEO). If you could get you will be able to constantly use the name blue shoes through your text content without it spamming the search engine or without it reading like spam as you're not only talking about your product but the name of the site as well.

For instance:

At Blue Shoes we sell a variety of stylish shoes in various shades of blue.

It's a simplistic example but I hope it makes sense to you.

gvc 16th January 2007 07:27 AM

Your business name & url should be matching, if not perfect match at least good match, such that your customer do not have to remember two names, one for your business ( to write checks, lookup in yellow pages, etc & to see you online).
Most of the obvious names must have been taken already. Pick 2, 3 words which match your business & try different combinations for URL.
Do not hesitate to go with a big name like (as long as it is easy to remember). Lower case upper case does not matter for domain name (some time it matters, with in domain, do not cote me on that ! )
I agree with other post, some names like google became known to many people because of their unique search features. Other wise they are customer focuses if you see... because they have a great product, we go to them ;) not because they have easy to remember url or good looking screens ;).


taunon 17th January 2007 04:32 PM

Try a domain name generator for new ideas, like this one:

Definitely get a .com name, if you have any other extension, you'd be just promoting your competition, because people tend to remember the name, not the extension.

mktgbiz 17th January 2007 07:21 PM

Easy to remember.


SportsGuy 19th January 2007 03:03 PM

OK, here's what works for me:

1 - pick something related to your topic - keyword-based is my preference, but anything related, shorter the better

2 - if it's not available - and it likely won't be - start looking in places like www tdnam com - do a search for expiring domain names with a keyword your after in it and restrict the search to .com domains only

3 - if you see one you like, bid on it

4 - if not expressly searching under expiring domains, you could find what you're after and just buy it immediately, too

I usually check the following points on any domain before purchasing it:

1 - look through Yahoo (links: insertdomainhere) to get a feel for any inbound links that might already exist to the domain

2 - check the Yahoo directory to see if maybe it's already in there - bonus if it is, no biggie otherwise

3 - I use archiveDOTorg to see if there is any record of the old pages on the domain - if there is, it'll give you a good idea of the focus of the last version of the site - this can help determine if any inbound links will ultimately have any value for you moving forward. ;)

4 - I scoot through DMOZDOTorg to see, if by some miracle, there's a listing - but I don't sweat it if not...

5 - finally, I'll use a Page Rank lookup tool to see if there's any PR still hovering around the domain

I also try to visit the domain directly, and do searches on it through Google to see what they might have showing for it, but this is more "curiosity" stuff for me...

I have bought a few domains this way and managed to resurrect one and it now actually turns some Adsense revenue and so far (5 months) has managed to keep it's old PR values intact, too.

One caution: expiring domains with inbound links, PR values and listings in desirable places will usually be MUCH more expensive than just buying one you invent and is available. The rewards *can* outweigh the extra cost, but it's a balancing act with risk, so tread lightly.

In the end, make sure the domain is relative to the topic and easy to recall.

zoobie 28th February 2007 05:03 PM

I suggest you go for names that are easy to recall that way people can remember your site easily.

east2west 28th February 2007 08:53 PM

Something of course relevant, and easy to remember. Also very another poster said, your business name and site name should most definitely match. Good luck.

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