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Albion 22nd July 2016 12:53 PM

Local Or Online Banners?
We're planning to booth at a local trade show. I've designed a hanging triangle sign and have been tasked to get it made. In my research I am finding that using an online vendor can be 1/4 the price ($1000 vs $4000). But, I really can't find any information on the differences. They all see to use the same materials for the banner and metals for the frame. They all offer a cloth bag and hanging accessories. The only possible reason I could see for choosing a local dealer is the ability to preview the materials and product before I make payment. Is this one benefit really worth 4x the cost? I've been using Vista Print for years to print my business cards. I've saved tons choosing online over local, but I'm just not sure of the quality for a huge sign. Has anyone here purchased a large exhibit sign online and/or local? Can I hear some experiences?


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