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ktaylor310 20th April 2009 11:38 AM

Could Bounce Rate Be Effecting Search Position
I have a client that sells credit card machines. He does very well with his rankings in general, but would like to rank better for the name of a popular terminal that he offers. We've had a page dedicated to that specific processor for quite so time, but have never been able to achieve better then a 3rd page listing in Google. The bounce rate for that equipment page is very high - like 80%. The page itself is good, a mixture of general and technical info and easy to navigate. What I am finding is that we are attracting a lot of traffic from people searching for accessories and other information related to the processor and not looking for the processor itself. I believe the bad traffic is causing the high bounce rate.

My question... could the high bounce rate be the reason that we are not ranking well?

Logan 21st April 2009 06:56 AM

I don't think so, based on my experiences.

Couple thoughts ... consider how you can monetize that traffic. For example, if you added content people are looking for and had adsense ads on those pages would those users looking for something else click on ads making you money?

I would also consider, if you want to improve your position maybe provide the type of information "most" people are looking for. It would become more of a resource for that topic, and others would be more likely to link to it thus making it more popular and improving it's position in the search results.

ktaylor310 21st April 2009 12:43 PM

Thanks for the advice Logan, I'll check into the Adsense further. I did think about linking to sites that offer the type of accessories these visitors are looking for, but most of them also offer equipment similar to ours and merchant accounts so I'd be sending traffic to possible competitors.

sahota 22nd April 2009 05:19 AM

Why don't your client start selling some of accessories related to this product? I mean you said most of people coming to this page are looking for accessories for the product. Might be your client can start with 1-2 accessories initially to run a test. And that too you need not to buy BULK of them.

Here is what I would do:

1. Research about what people are looking for when they arrive. Buy 1-2 accessories at any price and sell it without any profit or might be at slight loss to just test if traffic is converting. But before this research that in case you plan to sell them in future what best price you can offer to visitors to your website. So just sell these at that price.

2. Or See if these accessories are available on AMAZON. If they are, just register for amazon affiliate program and then host these products form Amazon on your website and monitor how many people are going to Amazon website from your website. And if there are any conversions into sales.

I will not host any products from competitors or put ad for competitors. But sometime in the cases where there is no direct competition then it helps to build relationships. For example if you sell say products A,B,C,D,E,F but your someone else sells D,E,G,H,K,L. So there are only 2 products overlapping. In these cases I think might be best to setup a relationship with other business and ask them if you can sell their products from your website and then if sale happens it will happen from your website and other business will post product for you. You will just take a % and rest will be credited to other business.

proprint1 22nd April 2009 08:23 AM

may be?
Nobody really knows about Googles formula & how they rank pages, basically google is a business and what they do is offer their services to those who are searching for "something" and they need to supply this demand with minimum energy spent, So who would they rank higher, those who offer a better solution. So I think the bounce rate does effect the rating.

Logan 22nd April 2009 08:28 AM

Hi proprint1, of course there is speculation. But at the same time, if I have direct experiences where rankings don't seem to be impacted at all with high/similar bounce rates as Kim's ... then I do not believe that is a variable that is the factor. Additionally (a) bounce rate is not always a negative. for example do a search for [current price of stamp], click on the first result, you have your answer and you are done. In that scenario the webpage has delivered the answer to the search, and a high bounce rate is correlated with a quality result that delivers the answer (b) the bounce rate is also something that can be manipulated by another person without your control. so that tends not to be a good barometer because others could easily manipulate your ranking/bounce rate.

I wouldn't consider it a factor with your ranking, but instead something to address to provide value/profits to the traffic you are receiving

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