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metricbuzz88 5th August 2016 03:02 AM

New Links From WEB 2.0
Hello there,

I have a large quantity of web2.0 on-line journals with higher than average substance however I even have deserted the location they were indicating at. i have not touched them in years but they're still live. am i able to add new substance to those internet journals and purpose them at another site? ought to I expel the broken affiliation from the relinquished site? i would like to utilize them for affiliation variations. Do I even have to incorporate new substance or would I be able to merely modification the connections?

Much appreciated sooner than time

jackluter 30th November 2016 03:35 AM

Web 2.0 help a lot in ranking the website top of the search engine results.

jeffscott 9th December 2016 12:48 AM


Originally Posted by jackluter (Post 250909)
Web 2.0 help a lot in ranking the website top of the search engine results.

It depends on what type of web 2.0 sites as well as the reputation itself to effectively help your main site's performance in the web.

haircare1 28th December 2016 01:25 PM

If you manage web 2.0 blogs just like your website like regularly updating with fresh contents and use for blogging purpose they can still be helpful in traffic and ranking.

mandylopez 17th March 2017 01:50 AM

There are many good examples out there. From blogging about issues that matter to the market you want to reach (with a way for those people that read to convert...a newsletter, etc.) to following up with customers and prospects through social networking platforms, there are many ways that these technologies can be used to generate leads and build relationships in a direct selling business.

Nitesh Pundhir 30th March 2017 07:41 AM

quite helpful conversation !!

Celin_G 17th May 2017 09:20 PM

You can use them again. And it would be great if you add more content. That will update them automatically with fresh contents. You can also update the old posts so they would not appear outdated in the SERP results snippet. Visitors would prioritize opening pages that are up to date than those dated back in 2011 or so.

MilesWeb 18th September 2017 01:40 AM

Re: New Links From WEB 2.0
Web 2.0 websites are very useful we can use them again and again. You can manage web 2.0 website like a blog update content regularly with fresh and unique contents, practicing of this method really useful in website traffic as well as search engine ranking.

highlandspring 29th January 2018 02:59 PM

Indexing your links
Something to watch out for with Web 2.0 often your page appears in Google, then drops out, this is because there isn't enough internal linkage to it from the typical Web 2.0 site.

To overcome that and get/keep your posts in the Google index, you need to build some links of your own to it. Sometimes a Tweet works or a Social Media like / post, but more likely you need a post from a blog or other site of your own to have sufficient strength to support it.

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