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Logan55 4th October 2015 01:32 AM

Business Brand Names
Hey Guys,
This will be my first actual post. Again Thank you for allowing me browse and learn. You all seem like extremely intelligent people. I have 2 Startups I'm planning on launching in the near future. I know nothing regarding domain names other than everything I have tried to register is taken and I'm bad at coming up with Cool names(Im thinking 1 or two words?)
Ive visited some of the larger marketplaces for domain Brands but like brandbucket and brandroot have some really funky,goofy names that just seem..fizzypop to me if that makes sense.. theres about 5 different ones ive been looking at browsing through daily but I might grab 1 or 2 from have to type www for some reason or else it doesnt work,weird) they dont have 30,000 names and arent super flashy like the others and I believe they are new,Ive never heard of them. Ive always wanted to give new companies/ sites a try.

What have you guys done for Business Domains for your startups? Did you get lucky and type them in,and they were available? Did you have to find someone with a parked blank page and ask to buy it? I am completely new to all this but Moneys not as important to me as seeing a name and it gripping me as fitting..Id much rather pay $1-3k on one I definitely like,than save money and be iffy every other couple of days on the name I chose.

I may grab 2-3 now of course to focus all my attention on the 1,and have the others for another startup/small idea ive had resting in the back of my head..

What are your guys' experience with this sort of thing?

Thank you for any advice and input

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