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satswid 28th February 2010 01:59 PM

In Need Of Guidance To Start A Software Business.
I am 24 and working.
I have strong programming skills in Windows Application Programming.
But I really want to start a software business on my own.
I can't afford huge amount of investments and I have no big contacts.
Can you please help me to make a better future?
Any Ideas suitable for me??

achengms 1st March 2010 07:16 AM

You should first start with freelancing during your free time. Once you have a few clients who can act as your reference, you can go ahead and incorporate a new company. Save the extra money earned for company incorporation and initial operations and marketing expenses. Also dont be afraid to relocate if required to ensure you take maximum advantage of the locality and target market.

simonsez 2nd March 2010 08:05 PM

Mobile apps
If you're a good programmer and would like develop software I'd highly suggest you consider making mobile apps.

While one developer can develop a successful desktop app, I think it's much rarer than mobile apps since users expect significant functionality. Mobile applications, on the other hand, typically have much smaller feature sets than desktop apps. The other big win for mobile apps is that the distribution channels are built into iPhone and Android app stores (not to mention BB & Palm), so you can develop your app, put it in their stores, and start making money from day 1.

Check out this article on why developers don't need to go get an MBA :) For example, a developer notes he's made 13k in one month with his LocateMyCar Android app.

The other big plus for you is that going from client programming to mobile programming is not a tremendous leap.

Good luck!


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