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AngelBiz 24th April 2011 09:03 PM

How Imortant Are YouTube And Flickr As Marketing Tool For Small Business
It is said that half of the money spent on marketing is wasted; you just donít know which half! Many small business owners have misconception about marketing because of which they end up spending lot of money without getting proper return. Internet and social media marketing provides perfect opportunity to get the marketing exposure without spending lot of money.

The reasons for using social media marketing are numerous. If you have grown-up children you know social media websites is where todayís customers are spending their more of their time. As we already mentioned, social media marketing costs less than traditional marketing. It also gives business owners opportunity to interact with their customers on a regular basis and in turn build long-lasting relationship with their customers. Finally, social media marketing lets you track how much return you are getting out of marketing spend.

Many more social media tools beyond Facebook and Twitter have emerged recently. Some of them have the potential to become next Facebook. By jumping on some of these emerging tools small business owners can get advantage over their competitors and improve their sales and profit at a relatively low cost. They can even compete with their larger rivals by harnessing the power of these tools at an early stage.

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oldbuddy 24th April 2011 11:03 PM

Alright I am tired of being silent. You come off like an expert and send us to a website that is UNRANKED with an Alexa of over 4 million, what makes you such an expert?:blaster:

Lucky Adam 3rd May 2011 12:44 PM

This is a good question to ask? Waiting for some polite answer.

wadeinni 3rd May 2011 02:28 PM

I'll be one of the first to encourage the use of social media channels like Youtube to give your marketing a huge push. A good video marketing campaign is so helpful in building your brand now that it's like a must on the top 5 things to do in marketing. With the increase in viral marketing more people are realizing that a simple website alone doesn't cut it anymore when their competition is drawing attention away from them through engaging and now interactive video content.

iqecommerce 5th May 2011 04:58 AM

Spreading direct link as just became a mania. talking about the social media and without any patience just posting out the links.


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