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wya23 13th February 2014 07:55 PM

Mobile Car Wash???!!!
Hi, im from vancouver, Canada

I am in college atm, and im wondering what you guys think of the mobile car wash business?

easy business model
1) Customer make an appointment through phone (or website?)
2) we go wash their car at a rate of maybe $15-$30?

One of the problem i have is where do i even get water? LOL

my target market would most likely be white collar ppl who can drop off car when they go to work and come back get their cars after work OR people that go to shopping malls and pick up their cars after they are done shopping?

anyways, what do you guys think?!! THANKS FOR THE HELP!!

MWCC TC 14th February 2014 05:46 PM

I know a guy that is doing this in South Carolina.

But he has teamed up with businesses that get a cut of his profit. He works out of a few gas stations that don't have their own car washes and he also does the door to door type car wash sales in which you're talking about.

He had about $4,000 to invest in his equipment and after about 6 months I think he was pulling in $10,000 per month. Now his company is making 120k a year but that doesn't factor in the cost of his supplies, insurance, and employee costs. I think he has around 5 people working for him now.

It is a profitable niche if you're willing to put the time into doing the work.

You can actually start with a team of 10 and have them put fliers on cars at malls and see what happens. Tell the team that they will get paid $10 for each car they clean on average. And that's if you're charging $15. Tell your guys they will get $20 per car if you are charging $30. And if there are 2 guys washing 1 car then they will have to split the profit, they can't both make $10 on a $15 sale obviously.

If you really want to make some cash then you should learn how to detail a car. People will pay up to $200 every time if you can do it right... And have the proper equipment.

I do like the mobile cash wash and detail idea, I was actually thinking about doing this about 6 months ago but I live in Chicago and there's just too much snow out right now lol :D

wya23 14th February 2014 10:54 PM

Thanks for replying!
To me, there is one problem when it comes to detailing. I think there is a liability when you accidentally scratch a customer's car ( lower chance of that if it is just simply washing)

MWCC TC 16th February 2014 11:51 AM


Originally Posted by wya23 (Post 206921)
Thanks for replying!
To me, there is one problem when it comes to detailing. I think there is a liability when you accidentally scratch a customer's car ( lower chance of that if it is just simply washing)

That's true, but if you were to get insured then you won't be as nervous ;)

I'm not sure how much insurance is, but I assume you can pay it if you just get one client a month that wants a detail :D

Do car washes as your main thing and then offer a detailing service as an upsell for that same day or for future engagements.

Make some coupons that say something like "25% off your next full detail from us!" And add your website on the coupon and business name.

So something like this:

"This coupon is good for 25% off your next appointment with (Insert Company Name Here)

(Insert Website Here)

(Insert fine print here)"

And in the fine print be sure to put stuff like:

*Coupon only good transactions over $50.
*This Coupon can not be combined with other coupons.
*Only one coupon can be used per appointment.
*This coupon is for a one time use only.

You can also try to sell a type of membership for like $67 a month. I haven't seen anyone doing this yet :D

You can set them up for like 2 car washes a month with waxing and vacuuming of the inside. And every third month they can get a full detail. The full detail can be a good selling point. You can add in there that a good full detail normally costs around $200 and they will be paying $200 - $300 for 4-6 washes, 4-6 vacuuming, and 1 full detail. If you were to add all that up it could be...

4-6 washes/wax at $25 each = $100 - $150
4-6 internal cleaning at $15 each = $60 - $90
Full Detail = $200

Normally they would be paying $360 - $440 for this service. And right now they can pay just $67 per month.
This will save them $159 - $239

If you do this, be sure to highlight the savings like I did above.

Play around with it and split test some ideas.

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