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Random_Ian 26th March 2008 12:04 PM

Google Adwords, Biased? (Experiment)

I use Google Adwords quite a bit to get more specific search traffic to the website I am responsible for, spending between £50 - £250 a week. As some of you will know (if you have used Adwords to market many campaigns at once) it only allows you to have a maximum of 25 campaigns at once. If you require any more than this you are forced to open and use another Google account (btw I realise technically I could just create new Ad group within a campaign but I'd rather keep my campaign organisation pretty structured - I'll explain why later!).


So I have to open another Google account. No big deal, all you need is another email address and youíre away, you can sign up with all the same details. I donít always need more than 25 campaigns, maybe 50% of the time, so this account is used half as much as the other account. Itís a minor inconvenience swapping between account as Google wonít allow you to be logged in two at the same time, but again no big problems.

No then.


The problem is that the campaigns in my second account are not performing any where near as well as the ones in my first account. This has been the case since I first opened both accounts The second account is getting between 50-60% of the click throughs of the first account relative to how many ads I have running on each one (incidentally they both have 23 at the moment and the trend remains pretty constant) and is generally costing 30% more per click.

I thought for a while that it was simply coincidence, that the keywords and phrases I was bidding on in my second account campaigns were simply more competitive. After months and months of the same Iím convinced that Google is somehow favouring the account I opened first, and I have basically decided to set up an experiment (nothing too frivolous, just trying to make it as fair as possible) involving both accounts bidding on the same keywords and phrases for the same landing page.

Iím going to plan it in the next couple of days, carry it out and report back here with the results. Any ideas, thoughts, criticisms, experiences or reality checks(!) are very welcome! :D

Thanks for reading! Iíll be back with the results!


Logan 26th March 2008 02:14 PM

Hi Ben, are ad placement/position similar. Specifically, google does not list ads based on cost per click alone, but a combination of cpc and ctr. How does the click through rate compare for these accounts. I assume the 1st account has a higher click through rate for its ads and thus is positioned higher. The 2nd account has a lower ctr for ads and thus has to pay more to get exposure - and then doesn't even get as much. Is that the case?

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