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Gary Barzel 28th July 2011 06:16 AM

Twitter and FaceBook while both good way to help market your business, they have different twists to them in order for you to be successful with it. For Twitter you need to interact with other users, comment on their posts, retweet their posts and build up a relationship with them. FaceBook works a little differently, I would suggest not to clutter your followers walls with unwanted posts and articles. Rather submit informative content a couple times a day that warrant a response. Once you get a response you can engage with your followers. Also you can post questions to your fans seeing what their likes are and addressing their needs. You can offer discounts as well as promotions to your fans. And be sure to answer criticism if there are any with a polite response.

johnnylew 28th July 2011 01:11 PM

Whether you have 6 or 60,000 customers...

Originally Posted by Ted GWL (Post 148156)
I know a guy who owns a small manufacturing company that manufactures small stainless steel components that are sub-assemblies for other parts manufacturers. He has 6 total customers that keep him busy with work. How is a social media campaign going to benefit this guy?

Facebook can be used. I will argue with anyone who says it wont. If you say it wont then your one of those who hasnt figured out who your customer is OR even worse, you know who your customer is and you dont know how to communicate with them.

For the guy/gal who tried to claim a small mfg has 6 customers and couldnt possibly use FB. How about getting the 6 customers to become fans and now use FB to communicate new ideas, lower cost ideas, new material ideas, latest trend in stainless steel pricing and news, or just treat them like people and tell them how business is, how the family is...ask them how they are how their business god the possiblilities are endless!!!

Mike.Bean 28th July 2011 01:37 PM

Johnny, I have followed some of your threads on your facebook success. Congratulations by the way. I have been using some facebook ads to advertise my site. It is a medical business and I feel I have targeted the right people. I have ran many ads and found the most successful. I'm getting more and more facebook "likes". I enjoy all the likes and I post on it every day.

Now for the bad part of this story.

No one seems to respond to my posts. Also after spending near $100 (not complaining I know it takes money to make money and a lot more money then that) I still have not seen even one sale from facebook, also I have barely even seen any people that have come from facebook to my site. Even after liking it. I don't get it.

the ratio is about for every 4 people that like my page, 1 comes to my site and 0 orders are made.

I'm not trying to battle and say facebook doesn't work period, I guess i'm just asking if you have any suggestions I can try now that I have more people that like my page.

LindsayT 28th July 2011 02:13 PM

FB Incentives
I've found that offering an incentive as well as providing great content made our 'likes' and conversions grow.

Our incentive was a daily deal along with a code that was only offered on our FB page. So far it's been really successful.

johnnylew 29th July 2011 08:22 AM

Mike.Bean - Are you doing this?
Mike are you posting "link" status updates to your website? Posting regular status updates will not get anyone to your website. Check out my posts at You will see I mix them up Regular Status Updates, Photo Posts & many Link updates. I also throw links into my regular posts and replies (again see them on my wall) - although some say you shouldnt put links in your posts and comments i havent seen any negative responses.

Let me know if this works for ! If not I can look at your strategy and give you some more suggestions.

smallbus01 29th July 2011 08:45 AM

I know a few tricks on Twitter. Although you might not result to this method but it is definitely effective. You start with following a bunch of random people if you follow about 1000 there is bound to be at least 100 following you back.

Then you can work from there. You can tweet about giving up money to charity for every follower you get in the next hour. Some may think it is spam but there is no risk. So it works. Or you can make a fake prize to someone, a chance to win a special edition twitter shoes. That will make A LOT of people go crazy.

Got about 300 followers in a few hours. Then when you get enough amount of followers then go for your market.

Mike.Bean 29th July 2011 10:23 AM

I have definitely been leaving my link on facebook, I even tried talking to my possible customers personally asking them to comment back and tell me what they think I should do to make business better. I did not get one comment back. I have started putting videos out and posting them, they get viewed but no comments and the same ratio of people go to my sight. I'm Stumped

johnnylew 29th July 2011 10:44 AM

mike.bean - whats your facebook page?
let me give it a look! very strange that you get NO clicks or comments.

johnnylew 29th July 2011 10:52 AM

Small Biz 01 - NO WAY!
Your suggesting fake charitable give aways and prizes...That is terrible and you should be held accountable for promising something you have no intention on delivering!

johnnylew 29th July 2011 11:00 AM

Mike.Bean - viewed your FB Page...
Here is my take. First, Page looks great. Now, the 123 fans you have, may not be responding because of the following reason; 1. are these friends from your regular fb personal page? if so I would expect no activity from them. Why? unless they are passionate customers then they wont respond. 2. Unfortunatley out of th 123 you do have they arent interested in the message your sending Why? First I think your posting too often. Back off to 3-4 times a week and never more than once a day. Your first messages are all about YOU...wrong approach...make it about them. You start to do that in recent posts. Give away some information that you think those 123 current fans want & need.

You may want to advertise to get some more fans, you may want to visit relevant pages of others and ensure you tag yourself so they come over to your page.

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