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Nutty 28th November 2008 06:34 AM

Adsense & Personal Search
As Google are changing their search to be targeted more at personal search does this also include adsense on websites?

The other day Chris and I were looking on a website that was not tailored to Astronomy (Chris is an avid astronomer), hjowever, the adsense ads on this particular website were all astronomy adverts like buy your telescope here etc

Does this mean that when people land on my scoliosis website they won't see my Scoliosis adverts but adsense ads tailored to their personal searches?

If this is the case doesn't this mean that clicks will now be reduced so therefore earnings will come down on adsense?

If Google are planning to have adsense serve our visitors adverts that are relevant to their personal searches, do you think this is a little un-fair, and more importantly can't we then choose the adverts we want to see rather than content driven, if personal search is going to play a part in adsense then surely adsense can't be content driven anymore?

Surely adsense should still be relative to the website content that adsense is displayed, and what about Google Adwords is this going to behave in the same manner.

Gosh I am confused, everything I learnt the past 2 years is now changing and ranking on engines is going out the window?

Thanks :)

Logan 1st December 2008 06:04 PM

Hola nutty. deep breath.

For starters, I would have Chris go back to that site at a later time and see if he still sees the astronomy ads. I do think they do use previous browsing to target ads, but not necessarily to the extent you are describing.


If this is the case doesn't this mean that clicks will now be reduced so therefore earnings will come down on adsense?
A bit of faith in my statement, but my reply is that Google is targeting those ads to that visitor because they have statistics that you/they will make more when personalized. I don't think Google is trying to reduce your or their earnings

I wouldn't change your approach that all of a sudden everything is changing and not working along the lines of your usual expecations.

Tom Lindstrom 10th December 2008 04:32 AM

I think the rules change all the time, or at least there are lots of rumors.When it comes to adsense, I go directly to the source for the right and accurate information, the official Google Adsense blog.

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