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WebWizard 30th August 2010 03:58 PM

wow theres alot of great information here guys. The CPC is highly important!

Henry_Jakson 9th September 2010 10:55 PM

How Can I Reduce My CPC?
I am running a campaign for my company in implementation business. This campaign is running since few years but always has high CPC position of my ads is 1.5 on average; and CTR between 1 to 3%. I have about 10 keywords all related to. Every day my total impressions on Google search and automatic placement network is about 4000 and about 60 clicks.

InspiroHost 16th September 2010 08:54 AM

Try to do some basic SEO on the page. Also, add some relevant content to the page. You may have to make separate landing pages for each adgroup.

If all else fails, consider using MSN, Yahoo, or a 2nd tier search engine. Don't let this get you down.

robertantwi 19th September 2010 08:08 PM

Improve LP SEO and Build a List

Originally Posted by lenzcrafter (Post 110361)
Right, I have a Google adwords account, I have had it for years.

It cost me approx 1 per click for keywords such as Driving Schools Bristol, and Driving Lessons Bristol.

Now I am looking to really crank up my advertising without it costing that much!

I have been contacted by companies telling me that they can optimise my account for just 100 per month, with unlimited clicks etc!!

Now first things first, is this possible?? And can they do it that cheap and get me up on the first three positions?

If this is not so then how can "I" reduce cost per click so that I am still up on the top of the first page?

Any tips or tricks would be great.



Ps there is a driving school called and they seem to be on the first position all the you think that they pay lots per click or have they got some special thing going on?

This is my 1st official helpful reply - i hope you enjoy it

Hi lenzcrafter

Its costing you a lot because your landing page is not optimized.

Let me explain clearly - Event though your giving G (Google) money to serve your ad, G still wants to help there users by referring them to relevant sites.

Lets start with the first place when it comes to SEO. Your domain name.

your domain is

theres no keywords in your domain that would give G a good guess that you were a driving school. Therefore it knows it can charge you a high cpc because your probably having a hard time getting traffic organically

Your title is Driving School in Bristol

the main keywords google would expect to see in your domain would be "driving school" and you only have "school" school obviously is not broad enough and people do not Google motoring school when looking for driving lessons

For a business im quite shocked that you don't have these special pages in your footer that Google loves to see - theres no

Privacy policy
Sitemap (this obviously helps)
Terms & conditions
locate us/find us
Contact us

Theses are pages that G loves to see when serving a low cpc, it all balls down to your score and without those pages your definitely going to get a low score therefore a high cpc.

Can you imagine bsm having no pages like that in there footer? would anyone use there site to buy anything or even think about making a sale via other mediums that the site has? would you?

I know you have a contact us page, but the other most important ones are the legal pages i.e privacy etc

You already have a good page rank and you could improve on your alexa rank. Manually submit to search engines and related directories pr 4 and above

Do these things and you'll get a lower cpc - i would also advise you to capitalize on the traffic that you send to your site - by installing a list building form - where you could provide valuable information related to driving. Go with video marketing. I would dread to have to pay 1 cpc to have such a low ROI. Remember most traffic that you get via sem you will most probably never see again unless you captivate them with something free.

Logan 19th September 2010 08:29 PM

Welcome aboard :thumbsup2

rdcclu 23rd September 2010 01:27 PM

Books have been written on this, but let me give a couple of quick and simple things that can reduce your CPC.

1. Tighten up your Ad Groups. Each group should focus on one keyword and contain 5-15 related keywords.
2. Make sure the keyword is in the title of your ad.
3. Always prepare two ads. Only change one thing. Test different titles to start. Let the ads run for at least 50 clicks. Replace the losing CTR with a new ad/headline and keep repeating.
4. Put the keyword in the title of the landing page. This will require having a landing page for each keyword, but it's worth it. Optimize the page with the keyword at < 1% density and add in other related keywords (LSI). Have at least 500 words on the landing page and include links to these pages: 1) privacy 2) disclosure 3) contact 4) a link to a page with about 5 articles on it.

All these things will increase your quality score and reduce your CPC.

Bob Cavanaugh

johnnylew 24th September 2010 07:06 AM

One more thing to add...
One of the biggest things you can do immediatley to lower your costs and preserve sales is to add "negative keywords"...if you use broad or phrase matching look at your Search Term Query report and start adding those terms that are no where near related to your keyword.

This is by far the secret to lower your costs and will improve all other metrics.

rosewinslet410 14th December 2012 03:28 AM

Solution for less Cost per click
Due to the structure of your websites or webpages,there may be some keywords that are not relevant or may be your adwords campaign is not relevant for your landing page.
As low CTR turns into less click by users on your advert hence Google found you irrelevant and penalise you.Google do not like what you are promoting and have increased your bid. So be alert while choosing your keyword.

This can help you to get a good overview regarding the mechanism of CPC. All the best :)

zinavo 10th December 2019 07:34 AM

Thanks for sharing a great full information it is very useful.

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