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fairdoes 30th January 2015 11:24 AM

It depends on the platform. Make sure it doesn't reproduce the same content with more than one url. If it is liberal with tags, I'd make them nofollow and the content yesfollow.

handsomegenius 17th October 2015 01:27 AM

There are a couple of issues you have to deal with on a dynamic website that are less problematic on a static site.

The first is duplicate content. Dynamic websites can show the exact same page on a potentially infinite number of URLs, and many of them might get crawled and indexed. This can happen on static sites too, but on nowhere near the same kind of scale.

The other thing you might need to pay attention to on your dynamic site is load speed. Static websites tend to be a lot faster, all else being equal. Poorly configured dynamic sites might take ages to load and this can hurt your search performance.

These days, dynamic sites are the norm for most business websites.. even when the site is doing nothing that couldn't be delivered in static, people will opt for a CMS like Wordpress for its ease of use, wide availability of themes etc. So any up-to-date SEO advice you follow will almost always be written for a dynamic site.

larinaperez4 17th October 2015 07:31 AM

SEO practice for Dynamic websites
SEO will be always same for both static or dynamic sites.

handsomegenius 17th October 2015 07:48 AM


Originally Posted by larinaperez4 (Post 235302)
SEO will be always same for both static or dynamic sites.

How much URL query parameter stuff are you dealing with on your static sites?

nationwidemea 4th November 2015 02:50 AM

My website is wordpress based and since its creation i m getting problems with meta title which i cant resolved even i get it checked by developers but none of them yet to come to any conclusion. The issue is regarding the title of my home page, which i changed from wordpress admin panel through a yoast plugin and it's showing in the website frontend that i have changed but once google crawl my home page, it did not pick the title and instead just write my name of the company.

Anyone help please.

jeffscott 18th December 2019 04:28 AM

Usually it will start in diagnosing the website pages and designs so that we will know the current condition of the site pages then implement the recommended on page seo.

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