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ktaylor310 15th June 2009 03:23 PM

The Tortoise, The Hare & Google Entitlement Mentality
I believe the recession is driving more people to re-evaluate their poorly performing websites and low search engine rankings. I have been receiving a lot more requests for site reviews, but am also finding that many people do NOT want to hear the truth... that it will take work. They are suffering from "Google entitlement mentality" and believe they should get something for nothing. This attitude almost always leads to an ineffective website.

I recently blogged about this subject and would like to hear if other web designers & seo's are also experiencing more of this attitude lately and how they are choosing to handle it.

acwebguru 16th June 2009 01:36 AM

Recession has forced a number of people to try and explore new avenues of income as far as possible. You don't have to be as fast as a hare or as slow as a tortoise. What you need is an ideal combination of both that will allow you to reap the benefits of online marketing as far as possible.

KirkEisele 24th June 2009 03:51 AM

Sure Do...
I find the hardest thing to really get traditional business people to understand is that Google doesn't rate websites based on "quality" as they consider it. Google's version of quality is based on page content and links pointing at a site.

So, the fact that their pretty flash site looks much "higher quality" than their competitor but doesn't get the respect they feel it deserves from Google can be an issue! Always hard to tell someone that their site looks great but is awful for business. (Often the case. Are you listening real estate agents?)

Anyway, there definitely is an uptick in angst over web performance. There is a tendency for business owners to hope they can tap into a free source of leads all of a sudden. Takes time folks! (It can be done though... don't give up. Just be ready to work, plan a bit, and learn a lot.)

My 2 cents...


HomeComputerGam 26th June 2009 06:01 AM

Indeed beauty without purpose is dead to Google's eyes.
Authority, or the appearance thereof seems to be the ultimate goal when dealing with SEO.

I believe many people get down and out on their luck and then watch too many get rich quick commercials on TV. So they put up a site and in 4 weeks time without activity they change their niche. They need cash NOW like the commercial said.

Unfortunately it is not often when a site will start making any profit in that amount of time. It can take years to achieve any real progress in a very large niche. :doh:


peterumingan 7th July 2009 01:55 AM


sahota 7th July 2009 03:58 AM

I agree with you. Its hard to explain this to everyone. Very few accept that it will take long time. It happened with me when I talked about this to even one of my friends. he said he can simply pay some amount to a guy and he will get his website in Google first page for keywords which are very competitive within 2 months. I was amazed myself.

torontoSEOfirm 18th July 2009 10:46 PM

The biggest problem with having a 'bad' looking site is that you won't convert very well and will need 10 times that traffic as a nice looking site to get the same conversions.

royhunters 26th July 2009 08:32 PM

Quickest way to get a site up in google is with a merchant circle account, linkedin, and onlywire(and accounts they submit to). We use them ALL the time and it gets the (want it nows) results they are willing to pay for. My new company website (that is 4 months old) is on page 5 organically yet I occupy #4 #6 #11 of the results for my keywords (florida marketing consultants) compliment of those 3 companies. It cost nothing and took less than a day to set up and 2 weeks later Boom there it is.. Boom there it is LOL

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