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bhavnasingh482 23rd November 2015 03:54 AM

Best Tool For Keyword Analysis ?

Please guide me..Which tool is best for keyword analysis ?

metricbuzz88 23rd November 2015 02:11 PM

I always prefer to direct search on Google, Bing and Yahoo for best keyword finding. My secondary options are UberSuggest and Google Keyword Planner. You can use my list of own tools.

This tool helps to generate the list of most query based keywords. Also help to find Google search query based long-tail keywords.

This tool helps you to estimate the how the keyword competition is. It works with multiple keywords.

With the tool you can check the keyword frequency of a page. This helps to identtify the total number of same or repeated keywords used in a page. Especially or in-page analysis

Piers Rollins 24th November 2015 03:24 AM

I would like to recommend Google Keyword planner for doing better analysis of keywords.

wrigmark 24th November 2015 05:53 AM

l'll recommend the ever green: Google Keyword Planner

Failsafemachine 24th November 2015 02:20 PM

I'm really glad I stumbled on this thread. Thanks to you Metricbuzz, especially, for the comprehensive list of tools.

Keyword Analysis is something I've just barely started playing with, so hopefully this will help me get started the right way.

Awesome post.

chrisjohn93 25th November 2015 01:02 AM

Google Keyword planner and long tail pro are the best tools to analyze keywords.

edengillespy 28th November 2015 06:14 AM

Google keyword planner is the best tool no doubt provided by the Google. It is a free tool which contains plenty of optional keywords and phrases after putting a single keyword which gives you the ideas about searches and competition.

randiv1984 30th November 2015 12:56 AM

Usually i prefer google keyword planner tool for keyword research.

LisaHandson 30th November 2015 12:57 AM

Some Best tools for Keyword Analysis:

1. Google Keyword Planner Tool

2. Word Tracker

3. Market Samurai

hrishivardhan 30th November 2015 05:15 AM

I prefer semrush and google keyword planner for keyword research, among all keyword tools Google keyword planner working the most accurate for for me.

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