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marius 28th April 2006 08:40 AM

Affiliates help
I am new in the affiliate business and I need an advice. I have a website where I offer to the visitors some free resources, unfortunately these resources cost me money and I need to find a way on how to obtain money to reduce my costs.
I read about the affiliates program and I have some questions.
I want my visitors on the links (PPC) or buy something (PPS) from the affiliates if they want free resources. My question is: Is this legal? I heard that if I will tell my visitors to click or buy directly my account with the affiliates would be suspended and no money will be available. Are there any affiliates that let you do that? If so please put some examples, perhaps examples with web sites that do this kind of thing( tell people to click or buy)

torka 28th April 2006 02:52 PM

You need to check the affiliate agreement for each program you have/will join. Each company can potentially have different requirements and restrictions on how you're allowed to market their products.

Sorry, but since I haven't contemplated that particular sales technique, I've never checked into which affiliate sponsors allow it. Your best bet might be to find some companies that offer compatible products to your site and whose programs look interesting and simply review their terms to see.


KevinW 28th April 2006 04:00 PM

I would be careful with this. I would also bet that the programs that would look the other way while you did that would also be loaded with parasites, to a degree limiting the commission you make.

Quality merchants would PROBABLY be opposed, but you should check the T&C's.

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