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virtualnancy 18th February 2011 11:30 PM

Please Review My Website
Hello everyone

I have created my business Virtual Nancy's Business Support and would like it very much if you could review my website. Although always a work in progress, any suggestions you may have would be great.

Thank you.

powerofwords 19th February 2011 07:56 PM

Hi Nancy

The copy part is fairly good - I would just switch the heading around a bit or put in a colon instead of the comma.

The newsletter sign up needs to be up the top (never say 'it' - always spell out what they are getting and how often) and the newsletter example should be more graphically attractive. Look around the internet for examples.

As a support person you cannot possibly be great at everything and I would ask (ever so gently) for you to rethink trying to offer web design. Leave that to the experts and grow yourself an alliance base of designers, copywriters, and marketing consultants that can also help your trusted clients.

A client friend of mine has a similar business so why not check her site out at:
(I did her copywriting)... cheers...

virtualnancy 19th February 2011 09:08 PM

Thank you for your comments I have changed the comma to the semi-colon and the it to my newsletter.

Although I appreciate the gentle request about not doing the website design, and the fact that I cannot be great at everything, I have to decline this suggestion. I love creating websites and athough I still have a lot to learn and will always be learning this craft. I may not write the copy for the website but I intend to create outstanding websites. My main business is to support 1 - 3 select clients to provide full support (and I am great at this) from database management to website design. I will also have a side business developing websites. I have come a long way in one year and I feel very proud at what I have accomplished and that even right now I can develop a business website that will stand up to the competition.

I do not intend to create a multi-VA business, but I have a great source of fellow VA's that if by chance there is something that I cannot do and do not have the time to learn it that I can refer clients to. Thank you for the link to the website, but as I said this is not the way the I wish to go.

See you around the forum.

innermountain 19th February 2011 09:39 PM

Clean and professional, and it has personality. From a design standpoint though I don't think it's quite dynamic enough. At a quick glance it seemed like it was the same design on every page with a different text frame changing in the middle. Personally I would have every page distinctly different with different options, links, more images...etc. Just my impression...

virtualnancy 20th February 2011 08:55 AM

Thank you for the review. My website is a constant work in progress and as I learn more it will be adapted. Yes, I have the same thing on all my pages on the left and the right, and although I do not like following the pack, most websites are done this way. I have always like the idea of being different on every page, and like I say, I am always learning and adapting and I will be designing dynamic websites. It is my goal to be very distinct in my websites.

Thank you again for the encouragement.

See you around the forum.

TonyIdem 21st February 2011 07:12 PM

Hey Nancy,

First and foremost, congratulations on your business!

I think that your home page copy is pretty good. You have really pinpointed your audience as well which is key. I am always asking a question in the back of my mind as I look at a website. That question is "what do I do now?" I'm not sure that your site answers that question after I read the initial copy. Maybe you could put your email sign up or even a "purchase now" button at the bottom of the page copy to capture any interested people right after they read the page. ("If you're are interested in learning more sign up now to get my free newsletter.")

Also, you may want to consider moving your menu to along the top of the screen and moving up your membership associations. You have some GREAT credentials there on the bottom left. If those were shown in the upper third of the page when someone first comes to the page it could definitely add to your credibility immediately at an initial glance.

It might have been just me but the color of the font was kind of hard to read.

I wish you the best of luck with your venture!


virtualnancy 22nd February 2011 12:14 AM

Hi Tony

Thank you for the congrats, the review and the feedback.

I have changed the wording a bit for my newsletter sign up, but I am not sure about the changing of the menu. I am not fond of the menu going across the top, sometimes I have a hard time seeing it on other sites. It was one of my notes. I do understand the reasoning behind it so I will definitely have to think about it.

The font is my company colour and my nephew ran it through every browser and gave me the thumbs up. I shall have to keep my eye out if anyone else has issues with it. It would be a shame to change it but it would not be that difficult to do.

Thank you again for the feedback. My website is always a work in progress, which I love.

Just some thoughts.

DanielW 28th February 2011 06:41 AM

Your site looks good, all the necessary visual elements are in place.
All the necessary on-page SEO factors are OK except for no robots text or sitemap files. I don't know how you are promoting the site, but I took a quick look to see its strength in the search engines.
Google Page Rank: 0
Yahoo Rank: 0
Bing Rank: 0
Indexed in Google: Yes
Google back-links: 1
Yahoo back-links: 102
Alexa Rank: 3,861,926
Robots text: no
Sitemap: no
Keywords: Needs improvement
H1 tags: OK
If you are interested in doing better in the search engines, you'll need to start a campaign to get good quality back-links.
Best wishes and good luck.

virtualnancy 28th February 2011 08:36 AM

Thank you Dan

I am working on this by taking webinars to help get my website higher in the rankings. Like I say, always a work in progress. I will make sure I keep my eye out for the list you provided and work on them.

Have a great day. See you around the forum.

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