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MBA Trainer 6th March 2017 10:18 AM

Local Listing
What are the advantages of local listing ? Does it improve business in native area ?

borgninestallon 24th March 2017 11:53 AM


Originally Posted by MBA Trainer (Post 254190)
What are the advantages of local listing ? Does it improve business in native area ?

Here are few benefits of local listing.

Google Places Listing Benefits:

Low cost.
High search engine results.
Increased reputation on and offline.
Improved customer satisfaction.
Excellent opportunities to extend branding online.
Integrates superbly with other online marketing efforts.
Extremely mobile phone friendly.
All your accurate, up to date information readily available.
Allows you to show up in Google Maps.
Can include special offers and printable coupons.
Photographs and images of your business lead to increased trust from a potential customerís perspective.
Streamlined analytics allow you to see who has been searching for you and where they have previously been online. This enables you to adjust your marketing plans accordingly.
If you donít have a website this is an easy way to maintain an online presence.
More people search for businesses online than anywhere else and Google Places is a superb way to put your business in front of them.
Google Places beats any offline marketing method for your business in terms of ROI.
You can surge past more established websites within your market with a Google Places listing so that a first page listing on Google is far more easily achievable.
Google Places listings beat organic results hands down when it comes to search results.
If you are running a business in a major city, Google may well offer you a free professional photo shoot of your business as this helps them both verify your listing and enhance the quality of their offer.
You will be far more visible to the vast majority of users of both Android and iPhones who are searching for businesses within a 5km radius.
Provided your listing is set up properly, you can achieve all of the above within an impressively short period of time.

Nitesh Pundhir 27th March 2017 04:36 AM

what is local listing means how can we do local listing of a business?

Nitesh Pundhir 29th March 2017 07:15 AM

i have read out about the local listing these local listing give you the very good hike in your business!!

iwizfranchise 10th May 2017 01:11 AM

A local business listing is an online profile that contains your business name, address, phone number, and other details. There are thousands of websites and directories on which local business owners are allowed to create free business listings.

jackluter 31st July 2017 12:32 AM

Local listing has a prominent role in improving the website visibility in the local areas and help to generate business leads with the engaging customers.

jeffscott 9th August 2017 09:34 PM

Its really interesting that you optimize your website for local listing because of the many benefits that it can provide specially on organic listing.

Brooke.Harper 16th October 2017 05:17 AM

A local listing is like a directory. Similar to yellow pages but online. This is beneficial to businesses since most people nowadays search for services through online search engines that eventually directs them to an online directory. As they say, visibility helps generate leads and future clients.

ammargroup 23rd December 2017 04:07 AM

Local Listing is good but slow Marketing Method

mrjohn 28th December 2017 01:01 AM

Local business listing is good for local SEO if anyone wants to target local customers then it is good idea to submit the website into local business listing directories but those directories should be high quality.

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