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Kelvin 11th September 2006 06:40 AM

Best 10 Small Business Trends
Since this thread is the Trend Forum, I wonder if we can come up with a count of the 10 Best Trends in small business today and perhaps peek a little and come up with the top 10 trends in the next 10 years? Perhaps if we narrow our focus we can get a better focus on the areas of business that would be good for us to spend time on developing, right? I was tempted to start classification into say, home-based, e-books, etc. but as we are talking of the top 10 we just try to achieve a consensus on the overall and forget about classification into top 10 for different categories. We want to narrow it to that within the confines of internet business or one that are done solely over the Internet or online.

For example, the current vogue that I know is the euphoria about Google's Adsense. Many netpreneurs use this as their small business model solely. Is this giving value to small business?

So, anybody wants to start with some ideas? Please propose ....:welcome3:

Anita 11th September 2006 09:38 AM

Excellent topic, Kelvin. :thumbsup:

Here are just a few trends that impact the Internet entrepreneur:

(1) Cheaper, easier-to-use tools -- Website building tools that are easier to use than past tools. Tools such as SiteKreator help you building websites easily. The big three (Yahoo, Microsoft and Google) now offer web page building tools for entry level web presences. And some entrepreneurs are simply using blogs as their websites, because they are so easy and inexpensive to set up.

(2) More interactive Web presences -- Speaking of blogs, another trend is entrepreneurs are using blogs in increasing numbers, giving their Web presences more content and interactivity than ever. In turn, even small entrepreneurs on limited budgets have a shot at getting decent search position. I've never seen such vibrant Web presences among entrepreneurs as I have in the past couple of years due to the availability of blogs.

(3) More revenue-generation sources -- The number of revenue-generation sources available to Internet entrepreneurs is increasing. You not only have Google AdSense, but you have Text Link Ads, an endless array of affiliate programs through places like ClickBank, BizRate shopping pods -- the variety of choices is bigger than before, although we could use more.

OK -- those are my ideas. Anyone else?


siteproplus1 13th September 2006 01:34 PM

Sites must be easy to create and easy to use. Gone are the days that people are willing to wait to make changes on their website. Now they want to be able to make changes and upload pics on the fly. At the company that I work, we are currently working on a service that allow ANYONE to create a fun and interactive website.

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