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JiV 28th October 2008 04:33 PM

How To Join Any Good Affiliate Marketing Network And Not To Be Rejected ?
I have been in AdWords Marketing Business for some time ( but I am still beginner) and I have used Commision Junktion as my Affiliate Marketing Network.
Recently ,I've got an e mail that they are deactivated my account for some problem with my website. I do not have my own website,because I do not need it for AdWords.When I've started this business, I have been adviced by my mentor to write on application forms(if asked)one of his website URL's. I have done so.
Now, there is some problem with that website (the website is infected) and I assume that is the reason for being deactivated from CJ.Now, I do not know what to do. I have tried to join the other Network but I've been rejected without any explanation.
Has anybody had similar problem?How could I solve this problem?Any suggestion about a good Affiliate Network that I could join ?

SBMarketingGuy 6th November 2008 07:39 PM

You absolutely need a website if you want to stay in affiliate marketing. I would suggest starting a blog relevant to a niche, post several articles and then reapply to affiliate programs.

Blogs are easy and simple to set-up; you can get a a decent theme for free as well. You should absolutely do proper keyword search before you decide upon a niche. Starting out, you want to focus on terms with at least 80 searches a day and less than 50,000 competing pages. Use "allintitle:" and exact phrase match in google to get the competing page stats. You can use a keyword tool to estimate the number of searches or google trends.


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