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yachtwork 31st January 2010 03:47 PM

Make Money With Boats Vs. Google
What type of business to start? I say work on boats.

About five years ago I wrote the book "How to make money with boats". It's a book for dreamers that explains in detail 50 methods of earning a living from a boat. It covers everything from welding, chartering, methods for the crew and kids to earn a living while traveling and even how to build "buoy marinas" along the cruising routs and treasure hunting from a yacht.

All was good and the books trickled out the door, till one day I started noticing I was receiving more email questions about the contents of the book than books were selling. It was then I found that Google Books had picked up "How to make money with boats" and re-published it online.

How can Google republish copyrighted material? I wondered myself and found this question is the subject of a large lawsuit against Google that might conclude this month.

The crux of the lawsuit is it appears Google might (probably will) take control of ALL published material that has an expired copyrights and somehow thousands of other books also, including "How to make money with boat".

Thus, I have posted "How to make money with boats" online for free. I'll paste the table of contents below. The full book is broke up into chapters and can be seen at-

Yes, that is a charter boat site in Tonga and it's also the easiest place for me to post. Use discernment to only click on the "How to make money with boats" tab, or the "Free Reports" tab.

Look at the toolbar on the left for "How to make money with boats" and click on the button. This will bring up the book sections. Click on any section and the text will show up. Eventually I'll get around to cleaning up the text and adding photos. Till then it's just the text.



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