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4th January 2016, 10:23 AM
Hello Folks,

I have run a campaign for one of my client but My ads are not showing on top 3. I want them to rank on top 3 in ads. Please suggest me how to do it?

6th January 2016, 03:31 AM
The rank present in the Google adwords is mainly based on the Keywords you are targeted,so my suggestion is select the best keywords with high ranking and run the campaign. It will display on the top.

7th January 2016, 07:04 AM
Give us more information.
What niche are you on? What is the amount you pay for a click?
I think the reason you aren`t getting in top 3 is because you are not bidding enough money.

7th January 2016, 10:21 AM
I agree with HCFGrizzly. Bear in mind that some niches are very competitive, so if your budge is limited, you may not be able to hold the top rankings. One solution to that is to use less competitive keywords.

8th January 2016, 07:14 AM
You can use less competitive words and long tail keyword with the high rated one.

10th January 2016, 10:36 PM
Actually, Ad rank is calculated based on the Ad quality and maximum CPC. So, try to utilize most suitable keywords in the Ad title, description and URLs.

13th February 2016, 04:38 AM
there are seven step of improve google adwords.
Grab attention with seasonal tie-ins
Using negative keywords
Ask a question
Target your audience
Mind your quality score
Mind your placement
Donít forget your landing pages!

17th February 2016, 11:42 PM
Some particular keywords highly competitive so it will ask for more payment on that time you should use your strategy to bring it on top so prepare a strategy campaign

18th February 2016, 05:56 AM
To rank in top 3 you need to increase your bid and improve the quality score of your keywords and also by improving the landing page experience.