View Full Version : Does Google's robot have a virus ?

1st November 2004, 12:04 PM
Does Google's robot have a virus ?

With the keywords : gift israel
our website (listed #2 in Msn & Yahoo) is not listed in Google...
and to frustrate us even more
Google lists on first page all the websites that carry our link,
such as: that comes #1

Judaica and Jewish gifts from Rotem Israel, shop online..., Gift Israel,
ideas gifts gourmet food baskets, floral like bouquets of chocolates. A sweet ...

and it goes to another URL and does not even go to our page.

next : for the keywords israel chocolate
(listed #1 in Msn & Yahoo)
it comes as #2 but does not go to the home page,
instead it goes by voodoo to one chosen item in the "add to cart section..." opinion about this anyone

2nd November 2004, 02:52 PM
Welcome to the forums, hwajcman!

There are numerous changes to the way the major search engine's spiders are functioning, these days. Various forums are filling with posts about how the Googlebot has done this or that, likewise with Yahoo's spider.

It seems we are experiencing a period of change ... both online and off. In the case of Google and Yahoo, they are both attempting to do something(s) to make their product more appealing. Problems with spiders, rankings, reporting and billing are all over the place ... including with my own accounts.

Keep the faith. If you had good natural rankings before, you will probably have them again, when the dust settles. Don't start making a bunch of changes to your code to try and get the SEs to rank you better. They haven't finished, yet.


4th November 2004, 06:20 PM
Welcome to the forum hwajcman! :standingw