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30th September 2004, 02:18 PM
Please help Copywriter :confused: :confused:
I am not sure what a "copywriters" job encompasses. I would like to know how to add "new content" to my website and if it falls within the "copywriters" area of expertise. I keep reading everywhere that I need to continally add new content to my site but do not know how to go about it. Do I find other good articles and re-write them, do I use the exact article and in some manner give the author credit, do I use the feeds that I have also been reading about?? I just don't understand how it is done, where do I put the "new content" on my site, etc. etc. etc. Would I hire a "copywriter" to handle this?? Yep, as you can tell by my question, I am new at this SEO thing!! Help!

30th September 2004, 06:47 PM

Great questions! Yes, it's a good idea to regularly add new content to your site because:

1. It provides information to your customers and visitors.
2. It creates new pages for the search engines to index providing new access points and opportunities for your site to be found under a larger number of keywords.

A copywriter's job encompasses developing new content: articles, newsletters, even ads. There are specialized copywriters (SEO copywriters), such as Karon, that specialize in writing content that will please both your visitors and search engines.

Hiring an SEO copywriter is a great way to introduce new content to your site. The good ones aren't cheap, but they are well worth the investment. For more information (and a better explanation) of what a SEO copywriter does, take a look at this page on Karon's site:

Regarding finding existing articles and re-writing them, I don't think that is the way to go.

Instead, locate articles relevant to your site and ask permission of the author to use the article on your site in exchange for proper attribution and a link back to their site. You can let them know that external links to their site are helpful for search engine rankings, attracting visitors, etc.

The feeds you are reading about are great for adding content to your site, but they generally won't help with providing more info for the search engines to index. The reason is that a standard solution is to deliver them to your site is via a bit of Javascript code and the search engines won't "credit" that content to your site.

Where to place the content? Placing the content on your site can be as easy as creating a link from your home page called "Articles." You could then create an index of articles that you provide.

Finally, another approach that we're discussing in our Blogs and Blogging ( forum is setting up a "blog" (a weblog) that would allow you to post articles, or quick thoughts, reference other sites of interest, etc, etc. Take a look at that forum for more info on that.

Great questions! :thumbsup:

30th September 2004, 08:10 PM
Robert's right, Lynnette. You'll want to either write your own articles (or have them written by a pro) or gather ones that have already been written and feature them on your site. It is considered very bad 'Net manners to rewrite someone else's articles and use them as your own.

Most authors are more than happy to give permission provided you follow a few basic reprint instructions. (These are generally specified by the author.)

You can create your own article archive on your site. On the article page (say it's a page about household dust affecting allergies) you can put a graphic and link to a page about your Original Allergy Formula. That would make for some excellent cross selling :)

The advantage to having your own articles is that you can distribute them throughout the 'Net. This will allow you to (1) develop a network of backlinks which is very important right now to boosting your rankings and (2) drive qualified traffic to your site. You know the person reading the article has an interest in the causes of allergies (or they wouldn't be reading) so they are much more likely to click your link (which appears at the end of the article) and visit your site.

You write an article (or have it written) once and it works to promote you infinitely.

Hope that information helps!


1st October 2004, 05:04 PM
There are also a lot of innovative ways that you can write content and apart from giving you more fodder for the search engines, it also makes it easier to get folks to link to you.

For example, let's say that you are a home improvement company. You could write some articles on the different types of window options that are available. You could talk about the styles, building materials, etc... and go over the pros and cons of each type. This helps you educate your buyer before they even contact you. gives you "educational" content that makes it more likely that other sites will link to you. It can be very difficult for a business Web site to gain strong one-way links, but if you start to offer useful information, people suddenly want to link to you.

A great example of this in the SEO world is Jill Whalen. Jill's business site has great discussion forums (content), articles (content) and even a newsletter (more content.) Not only do they reinforce her position as an expert in the industry, but those articles lead other people to link to her. (they link to her articles even if they wouldn't have linked to her business site.) Since her business information is on the same site, she's got a chance to cross-sell once they get there.

Product reviews, how-to guides, glossaries, discussion forums, and tons of other content ideas can usually fit into any Web site. It just takes a little creativity to decide what you need to add.

11th October 2004, 04:41 PM
Another idea is to provide links to relevant websites in a similar niche
as yours. There are always webmasters of smaller sites especially who are
on the hunt for quality link partners such as yourself where their content
would match yours. It takes a number of quality inbound links with page
rank to help give your page rank a boost and that will in turn help your
website's visibility on the keywords you are optimizing for. You can even
consider some 3rd party applications to help you manage this since after a
while it can become a bit unwieldy when managing all the links and checking
to make sure yours are still on other websites (sometimes they get pulled
without your knowledge.) There are several choices but one that is popular
is from -- you might want to check that out. It makes the whole
process fairly easy to manage. Good luck with it!

15th October 2004, 10:25 PM
Once your site starts gaining popularity, you will also need to make sure no one else is using your hard work. Web theft happens a lot. Put a copyright notice on your page and make a screen shot of it with the date. That way if someone steals it, you have proof you wrote it first. You can also use to see if others have used your copy without your permission.