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13th September 2004, 09:33 PM

I've been my own webdesigner for years now. I never set out with the intention of being ranked well in search engines. I thought that was too complicated for little newbie me.

I have always redirected my domain name to a free host, to keep my intial costs down. I plan to get my new domain name hosted properly when I update my website soon, and redirect the Foolproof Living site to something like (Foolproof Living is the name of my eZine).

I moved the "redirection site" (can you tell I'm no 'techie'? :) ) around quite a bit in the early days. I usually used the free space provided by whichever ISP I was using.

Then, one day a funny thing happened. I started getting more inquiries than usual about my website.

It was strange because I was overseas on holiday at the time, and I wasn't actively promoting the website.

So I looked myself up, and there was an old site of mine, ranked no 2 under 'life coaching' (Australian sites).

I nearly had a heart attack. I didn't even know this old site was still up. The ISP neglected to take it down years ago!

And there I was at no 2, and no 1 is a huge life coaching franchise.

I quickly switched back to that ISP!

Since then, my page has dropped to no 4, but I haven't made any changes to that site for years, so I'm not suprised. I'd like to update this site when I create my updated genesislifecoaching site. But after reading the posts here, it seems that to have two identical sites is a big no-no.

So what I want to know is:

How did my site get so highly ranked on Google? What did I do that deserved that? Was it simply me submitting it to the Google directory? If I submit genesislifecoaching to the Google directory with much better content, will I get a similar result to my accidental high ranking?

Since I can serve anyone on earth with a phone, can I submit my site to the Google Directory for different geographical regions? Is that a no-no? If I do, should I mention each region on my website?

And how did get to no 3? All this guy has is a one page site.

And what else can I do to make genesislifecoaching highly ranked?

What should I do with my original website???

The address of my highly ranked original site is (

Thanks! :)

Choose to have a great day, and make every moment count!

Trisha Cupra

13th September 2004, 10:20 PM
I have very little knowledge of the issues you raise. I did go to your site, though, and to the number 3 site. The immediately obvious difference is that he uses meta tags and you don't.
Go to his page and then right click on view source. His meta tags tell the search engines that his site is all about "life, coach, australia, self, help, esteem, passion, free, happiness, affirmation, confidence, leader, marriage, goals, assistance, value, balance, money, joy, effectiveness, career, finance, business, efficiency, personal, development, vitality, health, new, beginning, management, alternative, lifestyle, time, stress, men, women, motivation, empathy, program, wisdom" and from what I read, you should check out the keywords that the number one site uses, as well.
Perhaps meta tags will help you regain the number two spot! Good luck!

13th September 2004, 11:56 PM
Hello Trisha.

You're asking some big questions there - about improving the ranking of a site (page, actually). There are lots of things you could do, one of the most important being getting pages on other sites to link to yours, preferably with text links containing the title or headings of your page being linked to. But one thing I would do before you do anything else is to make sure you have only one version of a particular set of pages accessible to search engines. They are known not to like substantial duplication of content and may downgrade one set or the other. Maybe focus on whichever version of your site is the strongest in terms of rankings (even if you're on a free host - they are just as good as any other much of the time, and sometimes even better, by all accounts).

I will try to have another look at your sites a little later.

Well done, by the way!


Old Welsh Guy
14th September 2004, 03:46 AM
HI Trisha,

As mentioned, you need to get any duplicate content down as Google is starting to come down harder on it. The reason your original site has climbed could be that it is listed in the Google directory via DMOZ maybe.

if you use a domain forwarder, say to, it is the second url that gets indexed, not the forwarding domain. Spiders index the ACTUAL domain the data sits on. Now if this is the domain that was recorded in DMOZ etc, then as DMOZ supplies data to thousands of smaller directories via its RDF (data dump) eveytime a site uses dmoz data, and a spider finds the page your on, you get a backlink crdited.

OK next question, You can have 2 realistic submissions in DMOZ, a generic 'life coaching' and a geo 'world /Australia/your area/ etc.

You will not get duplicate content in there honestly. This is the reason for allowing two cats, generic i.e anywher in the world, and Local.

If you have your site hosted on freespace, then if you have access to the .htaccess file (or the ability to create one using ftp) then you should do this from everysingle place you have your stuff up on the web, forwarding them all to your strongest shower. This will ensure that any link popularity you have on these other sites will be transferred to the strongest one, and you instantly get rid of a dup content risk.

With regard the keywords in your meta tags, well you can forget about that having any effect on Google as G does not even index the keyword meta, description meta yes, Title definitely, keywords nope.

Yahoo and msn still use them though, so they should be there for that reason. Do not cram them with words that do not appear on your page content though, as this is spamming, and might well get you penalised slightly (or more) in MSN & Yahoo!.

14th September 2004, 11:04 PM
Thanks for your help.

I think I understand everything you've said.

I did submit my original 'free space' site to DMOZ.

So, what you're saying about the submissions to DMOZ is that I can list myself under the general 'life coaching' category, and then under only one geographical category like 'global' only? Not Australia AND global?



4th January 2012, 07:03 PM
both words 'life' and 'coach' are present in your domain name.

Domain name is a very powerful factor.

Google also places older sites higher.

4th January 2012, 07:07 PM
only one location allowed in DMOZ if I recall correctly. You will not be allowed to make multiple submissions of the same website.

5th January 2012, 10:45 AM
only one location allowed in DMOZ if I recall correctly. You will not be allowed to make multiple submissions of the same website.

Yes, You recall it correctly. DMOZ is so keen in making double/multiple submissions.