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14th April 2009, 08:53 PM
Any SEO advice is appreciated... looking for further advice on very competitive keywords, as we know there are no guarantee's, am engaged in a project for a highly competitive keyword/industry.

The beginning of the project was quite promising - we restructured the entire url structure - they had no keyword rich urls, those have been restructured. During the first initial phase they had no ranking in the SE's for those, it looked good for a month and then dropped off the charts with the current update..

Understandable.. then there was the linking campaign, nothing over the top, no bad neighborhoods, no extreme directory listings..etc..

Built a blog to support it, it's got no authority, it's new..

They are not sold on the social aspect nor are we allowed to just post comments in forums or other blogs without approval, there are liability and legal bylaws we must follow..

I am curious of any other aspect that we may have overlooked.

If someone is interested in chatting about it and shedding some light on a better plan of attack, I would greatly appreciate it..


15th April 2009, 08:16 AM

What is the age of your domain?

If it is a new domain it will take time to get some better results in SE

Keep continuing what you are doing..

Follow few tips if you forget any one of them:

1. Keywords in navigational links play a vital role and have its own importance to search engine eyes

2.Use most important keyword in file name or URL

3.Never try to place hundreds of link for a new site on the very first day

4.Your targeted keywords need to vary a lot in anchors

5. Always have a good combination of links from new and old sites

6. Try writing articles having links and have them in the resource page of your site

7. Pay special attention to your content

8. Make sure to have sitemap as text links

9. Create feed xml and ror xml for xml search engines and directories

Hope you will get some good results...

15th April 2009, 08:44 AM
Thanks Jack16 - we have covered the bases on pretty much all you mentioned. It's one of those hurry up and wait games, just wondered if there was something perhaps we missed.

20th April 2009, 12:48 AM
I would rather suggest you check your google analytic account. Check it very carefully if it indicates any error. Check the targeted location of your website. I think you have committed some mistakes in it.