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21st March 2009, 03:53 PM
Hi All,

Great forum, new member, hoping to learn from all of you as well as contribute where I can. I have one SEO question and need some input on another matter.

I am somewhat leery of all the SEO companies that say they can work wonders to get my site listed in the top rankings. I know there are black hats and white hats but am curious of what the consequences would be if I inadvertently dealt with a black hat and they were using nefarious means to get my site higher ranked? Would I be de-listed from Google or is there a warning process.

Secondly, our business deals with industrial equipment. We recently have signed an exclusive deal with a major firm to represent them. In a nutshell, this was the missing link to our business and our industry, this will put us miles ahead of the competition. I want to market the crap out of that but need some ideas hopefully from you on how best to get that across, kind of like how the missing link has now been found. The marketing piece would be video (cartoonish, built in flash), i was thinking of scene featuring a sporty race car but you don't see the wheels but you do see turtles etc.. passing them, then the wheels would appear and that would imply the missing link theory, I would like to use 4 or 5 examples like this and of-course have different verbiage and/or text building up to our distinct message.

One last thing, do any of you know of a marketing specific type of forum to help with my second issue?

Thanks very much.

21st March 2009, 09:01 PM
Hello, welcome aboard :standingw

There is no warning process. Your site may rank for a little while (as it takes time for google to identify sites breaking their rules) but it would then be listed low in the rankings (past the 3rd page, 10th page, etc where no one looks) or not at all. They do not tell you why nor that this has occurred - as it is part of the cat and mouse game where they don't want to provide the spammers information that will be beneficial to them. Technically, based on my experiences a site is still included within their index (as that is necessary for them to keep track of and monitor banned sites) but the site will not rank ... pretty much no matter what you do. If you are 'de-listed' they do have a contact form where you can appeal their decision ... but that is not an ideal route by any means. Simply, stay with services that follow all guidelines published by the major search engines - whitehat. It's not worth it in the long run to do anything else.

Regarding your second question, I would create a new post for each topic you want feedback on here. Asking multiple questions in one thread gets confusing and you will get better/more responses if you break them up into one question for each thread.

For the last one, our forum members will be happy to help you :)

25th March 2009, 01:54 AM
Another way to increase your members is to use social media sites, try to look for people with the same interest as yours and build your reputation among them, as these persons may be your forum members in the future, you can also use social bookmarking sites, joining forums and putting your sig link is also a good idea to market your website.. while the things you need to do inside your website is to create interesting and engaging topics, visitors may turn to members just to answer your post.. at first it may seem that you were doing all the posting but sooner or later someone will surely create threads.. main factors are backlinks and content with these your good to go!

25th March 2009, 09:16 AM
It's actually fairly hard to "accidentally" do business with a black-hat SEO. Most of the good ones don't serve clients anyway; they've found they can make a lot more money (with a lot less hassle) promoting their own sites instead of working for (relative) peanuts for clients.

What you're more likely to encounter are SEOs who simply don't know what they're doing, or who are in it just for the profits they can make and have no intention of doing anything useful for your site (because that would be too much like actual work).

Your risk of getting banned or penalized is actually rather low. It's surprisingly rare that sites get banned, and those that do generally really have to work hard at it -- and they almost always know exactly what it was they did that led to the problem.

No, IMO the risk you should be worrying about is that you'll shell out big bucks to some so-called SEO "expert" who won't get you any return for the money. THAT sort of thing happens all the time.

Due diligence is your friend. Learn the basics of what constitutes good SEO. You don't have to become an SEO -- any more than you have to become a mechanic in order to buy a car -- but by the same token, most people wouldn't buy a car without at least taking a test drive and maybe checking the ratings in one or more consumer magazines. You have to take the responsibility for doing your homework.

Any good SEO -- no matter what color their headgear -- is going to tell you clearly what he or she plans to do, what results to expect (and how long they should take) and what the risks are. They WANT you to be well-informed and to understand exactly what it is you're buying and to have reasonable expectations of what they're going to achieve. They're not going to promise you the moon and the stars as well, and they're not going to try to convince you that they'll be able to deliver champagne for the price of a cheap beer.

The good ones aren't afraid of telling you the steps they're going to follow because they know it's not WHAT they do, it's HOW they do it that makes the difference. Avoid the ones who hide behind all sorts of technical-sounding (but ultimately meaningless) jargon and can't (or won't) explain to you in simple, plain language exactly what it is they're going to do, and exactly what they'll expect you to do.

The good SEOs (white hat and black hat and all shades of gray in between) will be honest with you. They won't make outlandish promises they can't possibly keep. They'll try to keep your expectations reasonable -- which sometimes puts them at a disadvantage against the scammers and incompetents, who offer plenty of smooth talk and slick promises (but, unfortunately, little in the way of real results).

Generally speaking, when someone gets suckered in by a scammer or an incompetent SEO, looking back on it they can see (if they're honest with themselves) there were plenty of warning signs, which they ignored because the so-called SEO was telling them what they wanted to hear -- that they wouldn't have to make any changes to their website, that they would be guaranteed top 10 rankings, that it would all happen nearly overnight -- instead of what they needed to hear.

My :twocents:


28th March 2009, 12:07 AM
No matter whether you are practicing black hat seo intentionally or not, you will be penalized when your practice will be exposed.

28th March 2009, 02:12 AM
Remember one thing.

Blackhat SEO will give you wonders in short term, but eventually you are going to get punished by google if not anyone.

Whitehat SEO do take long time but it will give you really long-term results. Having that said, you have to maintain your SEO compaign in order to maintain you top ranking.

4th April 2009, 12:22 PM
you heard them all, its your free will to do what ever process or methods you want but you know the consequences that lies ahead..

5th April 2009, 09:08 AM
Remember one thing.

Blackhat SEO will give you wonders in short term, but eventually you are going to get punished by google if not anyone.

Whitehat SEO do take long time but it will give you really long-term results. Having that said, you have to maintain your SEO compaign in order to maintain you top ranking.

yep, and it's better to go with ethical SEO ways to get benefit for a long time.