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22nd August 2004, 07:31 PM
I wanted to run this by you guys here - see what you thought. It's kind of an off-shoot from the web credibility discussion in a previous thread.

Google now allows you to advertise their paying advertisers on your site. Has anyone had any credibility issues with this? At the moment (probably because I have virtually no traffic) I'm committed to absolutely zero advertising on my web site. Is there a positive enough reaction to this from surfers that it's worth the potential loss in advertising revenue?

I notice that a lot of times Google will supply a sight based on some keyword in your site. For example, I might have written an article about the woes of consumer credit - Google sees credit and there pops up an ad to get a credit card.

Good ? Bad ?


22nd August 2004, 07:54 PM
Advertisements on your site have the potential to get people to leave your site. That's not a good thing if they were a potential customer.

If your site is a content based one, in which you share information, and the Google ads are a primary way of making money on the site, there should be no problem. Here's a good article on the subject from someone doing it:

Google used the site discussed in the article above as a case study (secured site):

Used in that manner, Google ads aren't going to harm you in any way.

I'm not sure that you can call it a credibility issue, when you show Google ads. They seem to have a decent name.

The problem that comes in is if the use of the ad takes away from one of your primary business objectives you could be making a fraction of what you should be by acting as a billboard for your competitors.

22nd August 2004, 09:56 PM
Good questions and points.

I do like the Google Adsense tool, although it really depends on the site. Bragadocchio makes a great point about utilizing it for information and content based sites. As well, Google reviews your site prior to approving using the advertisements. I think they just want to make sure you don't already have your site cluttered with banner ads and other things. If you're talking about your youneedabudget site, you should have no problem.

My main site is both commercial and informational. I do not use ads on 'call to action' pages, and I do use them for pages such as unique articles and FAQ's (although I might delete the one for my FAQ page). Since I don't have these on pages that have a lot of traffic, I don't make too much money. But every once in a while I'll get a check.

There are more features available now, so you can customize the Adsense look to fit in with your site. Some do this, some don't. It's pretty much a personal preference.

One thing I do tell people, is that if you're confident enough with your own site that users will click back to it after clicking an ad, then it could be a great option.

It's pretty easy to set up, maybe you would want to try it out and test out the look. Then, send one of the pages with adsense to people and friends you trust, and get their honest opinion to whether they think it hinders your credibility. :cheers:

Hope this helps.


David Wallace
23rd August 2004, 09:21 AM
I own a site related to the Arizona construction and Home Improvement industry called The Arizona Builders' Zone ( We sell ad space on the site as well as books and licensing services for contractors.

I used to fill un-sold ad space with ValueClick banners once upon a time and I think we made $35 in an entire year off that. Big whoop!

well in December, I replaced those with Google AdSense. Now I make about $400 a month off un-sold ad space that I formerly made only $35 a year on. Therefore, me likes Google AdSense very much!