Marketing Lessons From Getting Fit

If you have ever tried to get fit and healthy you will know that it is not always easy.

One reason is there seems to be so many options to choose from and another is that unless you learn how to exercise correctly, you may only end up with very sore muscles.

I was thinking about these issues when developing the “How to Master Marketing.”

A few years ago, after wasting time and money on different types of exercise and equipment (although I can say I never bought the Ab King Pro), it was time to do it properly.

This meant I wanted to learn how to exercise the right way to get and stay fit. To start right I needed to work out what goals I wanted to achieve, what was my fitness (poor) at the start and how much time I was prepared to allocate.

So what are the marketing lessons from getting fit?

Many Choices

To get fit and healthy it is about the food you eat and the exercise you do. If you look at just the exercise part then again there are many choices and knowing what to choose can be a little daunting at first.

What I did not know was all exercise is not equal. Okay, call me a little slow.

Certain exercises will produce certain results and learning this helps so you aren’t puffing away in vain.

For example, I learnt that it does not matter how many sit ups you do. If you want a flat stomach then you need to combine this exercise with cardio, such as walking or running, etc.

With marketing the same thing applies. Knowing what to do, how to do it and when to do it is important if you want to avoid wasting time and or money. You need to understand what the best choices are for your business and customers to get the desired results.


When I got back into fitness I learnt the correct way to use weights to produce the best results. At first I did not know about going slow and thought it did not matter if you did a rep quickly. It always seemed less painful that way.

It was explained to me about resistance and the effect of going slowly as well as your posture doing the exercises.

Today I still remember what I learnt and I know when I use weights correctly I will get the results.

In marketing as with most aspects of running a business, it takes time to understand, learn and master.

Once you learn to master marketing, understand all the elements and how they fit together, then you can use this knowledge everyday and not as a one off.

Even when new marketing activities and tools come along you are in a much better position to judge whether they are going to work for your brand.

How to Master Marketing

Helping others to learn and gain practical knowledge they can action and get results is why I developed the “How to Master Marketing” program.

Apart from this being a plug for the program, I’d like to here from you about any marketing lessons (or just business lessons) you have learnt by getting fit and healthy.

Would love to hear your stories.


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