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These “Fastest Way to Boost Credit Score” Tips Can Get Your Business Funded

Being rejected for a business loan (or any other loan for that matter) is a very discouraging and nerve-wracking feeling. This is usually because you know that it is more than likely related to your credit score, which often seems like an impossible fix that will take up lots of time and energy.  But this […]

5 Eye-Opening Benefits Of Online Accounting Software

Small businesses embracing this technological age should consider switching to online accounting systems. Most business takes place online anyway through emails, customer relationship management systems, etc. Companies that already made the switch to online, cloud-based accounting software see a 15% increase in revenue year-after-year. If your business makes $100,000 profit per year, that means an […]

Accounting for Small Purchases: Why and How to Use Petty Cash

Ask around to any business experts on what kind of perks they offer their customers and the number one item is always coffee. However, if you’re running on razor thin margins, you might want to ensure that this money is accounted for properly. The best way to do this is by managing your small business […]

The Perks of a Small Business Accountant For Well-Managed Finances

Adequate accounting is one of the most neglected areas in small businesses. Many businesses fail to realize the importance of having a small business accountant; right from the start. Hence, they make assumptions that they can conduct the accounting duties by themselves or the bookkeeper is enough for the task. Though both assumptions are not […]

5 Common Myths About Outsourced Payroll Providers

Outsourcing is a useful option for most business owners to consider. There is any number of tasks you can choose to send to a provider. Almost half of all US companies choose to outsource their payroll. There are many reasons for this. For small and mid-sized business owners, a lack of in-house expertise is often […]

Ready for Massive Growth? 6 Advantages of a Bank Loan for Small Businesses

About 73 percent of all small businesses have needed some type of financing in the past. So if you’re looking for funds to start or grow your business, you’re not alone. What’s more, there are a number of business financing options to choose from. You could run a crowdfunding campaign, pitch your ideas to angel and […]

Follow a Proven Business Model: How to Invest in a Franchise

Franchising as we understand it has an interesting history. From its roots in the Middle Ages as a sort of monopoly on commerce to the common business venture it is today, it has been a pretty wild journey. These days, investing in a franchise is a potentially lucrative and personally enriching experience. If you’ve found […]

It’s Not the End: How to Recover from a Large Stock Market Crash

A stock market crash happens about once every few decades (depending on how you define it). This means that you’ll see at least one stock market crash — or a steep fall that’s near a crash — in your lifetime. Do you know how to handle it? Asking “Is the stock market going to crash?” […]

4 Essential Tips on How to Start Day Trading Successfully

Work from home, have your own schedule, wear pajamas all day. Sounds like a good gig to me. Or maybe you just have a fascination with the open markets and think you can beat them? I mean, there’s not a more exciting way to earn a living than off of the market’s gains and losses? If you’re wondering […]

Making Money Moves: 5 Fatal Mistakes to Avoid When Forex Day Trading

Did you know that forex day trading is one of the most accessible styles of forex trading out there? The main reason for that is the low barrier to entry. In theory, all you need to start day trading is a computer and a solid internet connection. Well, that and an initial deposit of a few hundred […]