Why You Should Throw Out Your Marketing Tactics And Tools

The headline may be a bit strong so for a moment just put them to one side and you can get back to them in a little while.

Watching a little of My Kitchen Rules final (as I was working of course) the winners based their cooking on their heritage and the recipes that have been passed down from generations.

They knew what recipes were family favourites, added their own touch and basically stuck to what they knew people loved eating. Sure they were able to use the latest cooking utensils and appliances, but that was not what they chose first.

What does this have to with marketing your small business?

Well it seems a lot of the focus today is on what marketing tactics and tools you should use and it is a little like one size fits all.

All of them have a place, but the trick is understanding if they are right for your customers and your business. It actually can be a little overwhelming because they all sound so good and everyday you read or hear you must use this one to succeed in marketing your brand.

One question to ask yourself:

Why are you using these marketing tactics and tools?

Top chefs and the two home cooks used specific kitchen utensils and appliances to make their dishes. They knew in advance what they needed to use and what to put aside. Again the focus was on the food first and their diners.

In business, marketing tactics are at the end of the marketing planning chain, after knowing what you want to achieve with your current or potential customers and what your strategic focus (overall game plan) is, not before.

A little exercise for you:

Look at what you are using and see if they fit with what you want to achieve. Think about the one or two key marketing objectives you need to reach to increase sales or get new customers in the next three months. This could be increasing the awareness of your brand, getting your customers to buy more or more often for example.

Then work out your overall strategy.

Action the ones that will help you achieve these and put the rest aside.

If you do this exercise share the results or, if you need a little help, let me know.


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