Short Term Thinking Can Harm Your Business

Looking at a number of websites over the last week many, even the ones that get healthy traffic, seem to have a short term project focus.

There was nothing on the websites that provided a reader with any hint that they want to do business with their customers over a longer period of time. Or that their services extend beyond one offs.

The Problem with Project Thinking

It leads you into the trap of continually needing new customers to have a healthy business. It can also mean that you get swamped with work for a time and then nothing, so you need to attract more customers.

Sure there will be times when customers just want you do a one off project. However if you change the way you think about your services and how you offer them you could be surprised at the additional solutions you can actually offer your customers.

To help with this you can use mind maps such as MindMeister and FreeMind.

How to Use The Mind Maps

Type in one of your services and then just think of the different ways you can extend this service with your current customers.

One way is to think of what is the next stage for your customer’s business.

In the past that may have been the end of the relationship unless the customer calls with a new project. However if you mind map or set out the next stages of the work your customers would want or need you will be able to come up with idea and services.

For example a website is not a one off. After the initial stages, customers may want to add ways to interact more with their customers such as a newsletter, or they many want to add offers for example.

Of course the easiest way to do this is actually with your customers, but if you have new relationships and do not feel comfortable doing this, then at least in the early stages you can do it alone.

If you think through the stages and importantly keep in touch and be proactive then you make it easier for the customer to keep using your services rather than be tempted by a competitor.


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