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Catchy Names for Business: 10 Tips for Naming Your Startup

Launching a new business? That’s great but what will you call it? Giving your business the right name seems innocuous, but it’s harder than you think it is. The right name can dictate your success or failure. Beyond the risk of being among the worst business names of history, you’re risking possible legal problems and marketing […]

Sell the Experience: 5 Lessons You Can Learn from Taking a Factory Tour

You could sit in your office, doing the same thing you’ve always done. Getting the same results you’ve always got. Or you could get out there and get inspired. If you’re an entrepreneur wanting inspiration, business connections, and looking for more revenue sources, factory tours are for you. If you’re ready to learn new ways of […]

Preexisting Finances: How to Buy a Business

30 percent of new businesses close shop within two years of opening. 50 percent never make it past five years. As an entrepreneur, it’s clear that failure is always looming. So, what should you do to enhance your chances of finding success? You have to ensure your new business offers a product or service that solves a […]

Entrepreneurs on a Budget: Top Businesses You Can Start with $1,000!

Are you looking to start your own business? If so, you’re not alone as there are now nearly 30 million entrepreneurs in the US. There are a lot of great benefits to working for yourself, including unlimited earning potential and the ability to create your work schedule. You won’t have a boss to report to […]

5 Successful Tips For Starting A Nonprofit Organization

There are over 1.5 million non-profit organizations registered with the IRS. Many of which fall under due to lack of funding and start-up anxiety.  But here’s the thing, non-profits can be profitable, pushing towards social goals that save lives.  Are you interested in starting a nonprofit that adds good into the world?  You don’t have […]

5 Ways to Make Money Writing

High-quality written communication can make or break a business, so it’s no wonder that marketing managers are constantly on the hunt for great writers. The good news is that this provides plenty of opportunities for small business owners to make money writing. Armed with just a laptop and an internet connection, you can make yourself thousands of […]

Investing in Small Business: 8 Tips for Strengthening Your Financial Foundation

Did you know that only 50% of small business start-ups survive their fifth year, while just 30% survive their tenth? And among the top reasons for the failure is the lack of enough capital. Therefore, if you’re investing in a small business, you’ll need to pay extra attention to the financial health of your entity. […]

Make Money and Travel the World: Jobs You Can Do from Anywhere

Are you afraid of cubicles? Rather, are you afraid of the typical 9-5 job in the same place for an extended period of time? Work doesn’t have to be boring. And you can still see the world while logging hours and earning a decent paycheck! Whether you want to travel the world or work from […]

8 Outstanding Small Business Ideas for College Students That Are Worth Trying Out

Are you a college student looking to start a business? Many uber-successful companies like Facebook, Dell, Snapchat, and WordPress were founded in dorm rooms and college premises. The founders of these companies were looking for ways to make their college life easier and make some extra money at the same time. The companies, that started as […]

Time to Go Global: 7 Top Tips for Planning a Company Expansion Abroad

Economists are always interested in growing markets, and a trend has emerged in the last decade or so. The fastest-growing markets are all emerging markets, like Chile and India. If you’re hoping to grow, expanding across international borders could be the answer. Global expansion is a risky venture for any business, large or small. Careful […]