4 Powerful Marketing Lessons From a Voyage Around The World

If you do not live in Australia you may not have seen the news that a 16 year old girl named Jessica Watson successfully sailed around the world unassisted.

Apart from the feat itself which was pretty astounding, what caught my attention was the planning and execution by the team responsible for the marketing of the whole journey.

by Pavel Sigarteu via Flickr

Welcoming Jessica Home

From the start, this was well planned from before she took off, throughout the voyage to the big event of her arrival in Sydney Harbour.

Apart from the tactics used prior, during and for the arrival into Sydney Harbour they have also lined up events and deals to capitalise on the feat.

Sure they would have made changes to the plan throughout the voyage and probably will do in the future. What they achieved however, is a good example of how to make sure all the important elements are thought through and actioned well to get results.

The 4 Marketing lessons I would like to share are:

Planning is Essential

This is obvious but can you imagine if they just tried to wing it and tried to get the publicity and deals at the last moment.

Ignore Criticism

There have been critics as to the way the whole arrival was orchestrated. You can’t please everyone and the team had a number of people it had to satisfy from sponsors to the fans.

Action the Plan

Planning is essential, however unless it is actioned well it is a waste of time and money. Although she was 3 hours late arriving, the way they had set up the arrival meant people waited for her to arrive and be part of the event.

Keep up the Engagement

This was a long voyage and throughout the time they used a mixture of activities and tools to keep the interest and engagement flowing.

There were different stories in the media and she blogged and used video so her many fans could be a part of her journey with her. There were also merchandising that could be bought from the website.

Whilst you may not have the team etc. as Jessica, these simple yet powerful lessons can be applied to any business.


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