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A Pain-Free Guide to Digital Marketing for Dentists

Good news for dentists! Experts note steady growth, with the industry growing 2.5% within the United States. And though that same report notes the industry is currently worth over $134 billion, many dentists are noticing emptier offices and fewer calls. How can that be if the industry is growing at such a steady pace? It […]

Dentist Marketing Ideas: 5 Strategies That Will Skyrocket Your Practice’s Revenue

The dentist marketing ideas you leverage to promote your practice can make or break your success. Here are 5 can’t-miss tips you should be using now! Owning a dental practice is a significant achievement. But ownership alone does not keep your business afloat. Establishing a marketing strategy helps your practice garner influence in markets–local and […]

Storing Dental Records: What Dentists Need to Know

As a dentist you are responsible for sensitive patient information. Be sure you know the facts about storing dental records. Learn about it here! There are 200,000 dentists in the United States and storing patient dental records of the millions of patients they see is important. Not only do you need to keep them confidential, […]

The Best Dentist Websites Use These 8 Web Design Tips

Do you want a beautiful website for your dental practice? There are 8 web design tips the best dental websites use. Here’s your guide to a great looking website. Are you frustrated by the fact that your dental websites aren’t doing anything to help you get more appointments? Are you concerned that your website’s design […]

10 Dental Marketing Techniques For Better Conversion

Do you want to start bringing in more customers to your dental office? Here are some dental marketing techniques you need to try to get better conversions. Patients and pearly whites are your passion. Unfortunately, nine times out of 10, they won’t waltz into your dental practice on their own. You need to master dental […]

10 Essential Dental Practice Marketing Tips

Are you looking to expand your marketing plan for your dental practice? Make sure you know these dental practice marketing tips to help you out. Do you need to up your dental practice marketing? In a dental practice, there are many things that are out of your control. You can’t control the economy, which can […]

Digital Marketing and Dentistry: How to Make Your Practice Shine

Whether you’re starting a new practice or increasing your client base, it’s important to remember digital marketing and dentistry go hand in hand. Find out why. Trying to find more patients for your dental practice? Are you struggling to get the results you need? Whether you realize it or not, digital marketing and dentistry make […]