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What Types of Dentists Are There? You Guide to Dentist Types

Whether we like it or not, going to the dentist is an important part of our healthcare. Over four out of ten Americans don’t visit the dentist as often as they’d like to. It’s really something that we should be making every effort to do.  Maybe you’re not sure what sort of dentist can help […]

How to Overcome the Biggest Challenges of Running a Dental Business

When you first became a dentist, you didn’t dream about spending the rest of your life working for someone else, did you? Of course not! You dreamed about opening up your very own dental business and running it your way. But now that you’re one of the more than 185,000 dentists with their own dental practice, you might […]

5 Proven Dental Marketing Strategies to Attract More Patients

You know how good your dental practice is. But unfortunately, that’s not enough. Other people need to know too so that you can grow your business and get more patients. Are you looking for the right dental marketing strategy for your business? If you’re struggling to create a sensible, considered dental marketing plan, you need […]

5 Essential Pieces of Equipment Every Dentist Needs

Are you a dentist opening a new practice? Are you already practicing and hoping to do some upgrades to your dental practice? Keeping track of everything you need to get the practice running can be overwhelming. When really you want to get started and do the dental work.  Let’s take a look at some of […]

6 Dental Marketing Tips You Should Know in 2019

Telling the world about your dental service needs you to use the best dental marketing tips. To beat the competition, you should not only know what to do but also how to do it. To become a pro in dental marketing, here are some tips you can implement in 2019 and beyond. 1. Research the […]

Brush Up on Your Promotion Skills! 5 Critical Digital Marketing Strategies for Your Dental Practice

91% of adults in the United States use the Internet to find info. Does your business have a strong digital presence? If not, you could be sabotaging your business. The simple fact of the matter is that traditional forms of marketing just don’t cut it anymore. To compete in today’s fast, increasingly competitive market, you’ll […]

Brace Yourself: 5 Creative Dental Blog Post Ideas to Keep Your Content Fresh

As a dentist, you have a lot on your plate. You have to oversee your practice and make sure that your patients are getting the best care. You have to come up with creative dental content ideas, too. Content is how you’ll have new patients find you. More and more, people are looking online to […]

Dental SEO Tips: 13 Tricks for Dentists to Outrank the Competition

It doesn’t matter if you’re already a well-known dentist or if you’ve just launched your private practice – you need a strong digital marketing campaign. About 80% of consumers begin their purchase decisions with online research. They want to know more about all their options and research different providers before they take action. This applies […]

5 Genius Dental Marketing Ideas to Attract Clients and Grow Your Practice Fast

In 2015, the number of practicing dentists in the U.S. reached 195,722. A year later, there were more than 30,139 dentists in California alone. If you have your own dental practice, the competition can be tough. Marketing can make or break a business, and dental offices are no exception. One way to stand out from […]

7 Successful Tips to Better Dentist Practice Marketing

One of the biggest advancements in dentistry is dental implants. Click here for seven successful tips to better dentist practice marketing. Marketing isn’t just something for tech startups and big businesses. It plays a role in all sorts of businesses. Dentist practice marketing also offers a unique position to implement a marketing plan. Unlike tech […]