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Commercial Roof Types: The Different Roofing Options for Your Commercial Property

Does your building need a new roof?  Whether you’re looking for a commercial roof for an apartment building you own, your office building, or even your store, we know you want the best.  However, the top commercial roof types depend on a variety of factors.  You need to outline your budget, your climate and the […]

Pole Building vs Stick-Frame: 5 Reasons Why Post-Frame Construction Works Better

There are more than 2 million farms in the US. Most agricultural operations have one or more barns. But, barns can be made in a variety of ways and have different characteristics. There are two main ways barns are made. These are through pole-frame and stick-frame construction. Known as pole buildings, structures that are made […]

7 Internet Marketing Tips for Home Improvement Companies

Americans were estimated to spend $340 billion to remodel, redecorate, and renovate their homes in 2018. That number is only expected to go up in 2019. As you can see, now is the perfect time for home improvement companies to find new clients and take on exciting projects. But you can only do that if you […]

3 Questions to Ask When Hiring a Commercial Contractor for Your Office Renovation

Remodeling office space can improve your business productivity, but it can be costly, not to mention disruptive. With the average cost of an office renovation at around $200 per square foot, it’s important to find a building contractor who will keep costs to a minimum. So how can you find a contractor who will make your remodeled […]

Make More Money with Less Work: Why Building Contractors Benefit from Being Distributors

In today’s economic climate it is common for people to have an extra stream of income. People typically work to build on skills they already have and market their self as an expert. If a person is already known in a field it is easier to build clientele and grow their income. The construction industry can […]

A Better Way to Build: The Best Apps for Contractors and Construction Crews

Looking to streamline your construction work? Well, did you know construction apps can save you hundreds of hours over the course of a project? Check out this list of the best apps for contractors to find out how you can improve your workflow. Gas Buddy Gas Buddy is a great little app that can help to […]

5 Major Warning Signs Your Commercial Roof Needs Repair

Your business’s roof protects the business, employees, and investment which exist inside.  It’s tempting to want to ignore or gloss over signs that your roof may need maintenance or a full replacement. No one wants to pay for these costs, but your small business is counting on the structure it lies within. By ignoring the […]

Got Plans? When You Might Need a Draftsman

You’ve heard of an architect, but what’s a draftsman and when might you need to hire one for your business? Here’s what you need to know. Do you need to hire a draftsman or an architect? Yes, there is a difference between the two. Many people confuse these professions, and while there is some overlap, […]

Building a Home for Your Business: A Guide to the Construction Process

Creating a building from scratch for you business is a big project. Read on to learn what goes into the construction process and how you need to plan ahead. Curious about the building construction process? Did you know it takes from 3 to 6 months to build a house? An apartment complex takes 11 to […]

How to Put a Spark in Your Business as a Local Electrical Contractor

Being a local electrical contractor can be very lucrative. Here are the marketing and business skills you need to master to be the best in the business. Does it feel like your local electrical contractor business isn’t growing as much as it should be? Does all your hard work seem to be getting you nowhere? […]