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Top 5 Factors to Consider When Building Online Portfolios

If you’re planning to start a new business you need an online portfolio that gets attention. How you market yourself is part of your reputation. The effort you put into building your online portfolio is an investment in your future. 

Here are the top 5 factors to consider when building online portfolios.

1. Showcase Your Best Work

You’ve completed a lot of great projects. But do they speak to the services you offer and highlight what you do best? Your website may be your first and only chance to make a good impression.

Let the world see and feel your passion for a particular topic. You might be well-versed in many areas. But showcase the bodies of work that resonate more with the type of career you want to build?

Choose projects that prove you are a subject-matter expert. If your business is window tinting, talk about the different tint films available. Suggest which ones are best under specific circumstances.

2. Organize Your Business Offerings

When creating digital portfolios choose a template or create something unique. Either way, when building online portfolios be sure to organize your site in a way that’s easy to navigate.

Most websites offer menus and drop-down lists that allow you to group similar items. Categorize your products and services along with a detailed description of each item. Wherever appropriate, include the link to a corresponding project and testimonials.

3. Make It Picture Perfect

People are visual beings and appreciate experiencing images. But all images must have proper placement. They must also be of high resolution to engage prospective customers.

Decide how to display your images. Should you group them on one page or place a picture next to each product? Does a thumbnail highlight your work or should you post larger images?

Choosing portfolio images for each project allows customers to visualize the finished product.

4. Let Testimonials Speak For You

You may have a history of employment and experience in your field. Ask past and present customers to provide reviews about your business. Post their feedback on your website as testimonials for prospective customers to view.

Never underestimate the power of a positive review. Most people read reviews when deciding between businesses. Let them see how others feel your products or services exceed expectations.

5. Update Portfolio Content

Going live with your online portfolio is great but the work doesn’t stop there. It’s important you track the performance of your content marketing. Enabling site metrics tells you what works and what doesn’t. 

Consider what business leader, Jasdeep Singh from Connecticut has to say. He’s highlighted several valuable marketing metrics. 

Editing professional portfolios is a necessary task. Keep your projects updated and refresh your images, if necessary. Stay abreast of the latest trends to incorporate into your online portfolio.

Thinking About Building Online Portfolios?

You want a portfolio that represents your business. Considering these 5 factors when building online portfolios is a great start. Organize your best work including high-resolution images and testimonials.

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