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Expand Your Audience: 10 Small Business Website Design Tips for Better Accessibility

Approximately 61 million Americans live with some form of disability. Many of which can inhibit internet use. There are individuals with learning difficulties, visual impairments, hearing loss, and more. Thus inaccessible web designs hinder millions of people from an easy online experience. Having an accessible website helps you enhance your brand’s awareness. Don’t worry; web accessibility […]

8 Web Design Mistakes Small Businesses Should Avoid

It takes approximately 0.05 seconds for people to decide whether they’re going to stay on your website or leave. Human is to err, but no business can afford to make mistakes that will cost them their clients. When it comes to web design, perception is key and what your clients judge is the cover before opening […]

How to Inspire People in Business and Life

When was the time you realized that you need to love your job to do well in it? Not everyone gets to work where or how they want to. Although there are people who say it’s good to do what you love, it’s not always practical. Thus, people get stuck doing work they’re unhappy with […]

How to Find Business Investors and Funding When Banks Say “No”

There’s never been a buzzier time for new start-up companies around the country. Rapid growth in technology has fostered an environment where new and exciting ideas can easily become reality. Maybe you yourself believe you have the next great idea. You’ll have to face certain challenges in bringing it to the world, but prime among […]

Healthy Relationships, Healthy Business: Why Building Healthy Business Relationships is So Important

What’s one thing that all successful entrepreneurs are good at?  Is it hiring the right people? Is it coming up with an awesome business idea? Is it setting the right price points for their products and services? While all of these things are certainly important, none of them are quite what we’re looking for.  So, […]

4 Clever Ways to Reduce Business Expenses in All Areas of Operations

What is your company’s operating profit margin? Is it 11% or lower? The average operating expenditures for businesses on the S&P 500 is 11%.  If your business is performing worse or you don’t know what your operating profit margin is, then it is time to reduce your costs.  When it comes to business expenses, there […]

7 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a POS System

Quick, what’s your biggest seller? How much inventory do you have on hand? How successful was your last sale?  Do you have that information at your fingertips in real time? If not, you’re missing out on valuable data that could change the way you run your business.  Knowing your customers and their buying habits helps […]

Done with Your Business? 6 Tips on How to Sell it

Over the last few years, the number of small businesses being sold has increased significantly. It even hit an all-time high in 2017. Are you considering selling your business? When you first start out on a business adventure, you usually assume that you’re going to keep that company forever. Things don’t always work out that […]

What Is Supplier Finance, and How Can It Help My Business Succeed?

41% of respondents in a UK survey cited paying suppliers on time as one of the main challenges resultant from cash flow issues. Depending on the nature of your business, being cut off by suppliers can paralyze your business, injure your reputation and send your existing customers elsewhere. For most companies, supplier finance is instrumental […]

Use These 6 Tips to Perfect Your Small Business Pitch

It’s no secret that over 50% of small businesses fail within the first four years. This dismal statistic is down to a number of factors, but one of the most important is funding. If you can’t secure funding for your startup, you have zero chance of success. Launching a business is a very expensive endeavor […]