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Archives Category: Web Development

Are You Chasing Away Your Visitors?
by Terri Seymour - To keep your visitors coming back, the main goals of your website are for visitor participation and benefits. Provide an interesting, beneficial and useful website and they will come back.

Website Navigation Some Tips
by Richard Hill - The navigation scheme you set up for your web site acts as its road map so it needs to be clear, structured and intuitive. No matter how good a site looks or how much useful information it has, if it does not have sensible navigation it will confuse visitors or drive them away.

Spring Cleaning And Website Maintenance For Your Website
by Cliff Posey Jr - Regular website maintenance is an important aspect of owning an online business. Just like a house, your website needs an annual spring cleaning.

Small Business Homepage Construction
by Jim Degerstrom - Custom design of the home page for a small business client is not much different than making a contract to construct a new brick and mortar home for their private residence.

10 Terrific Tips for Web Design Beginners. - When embarking on the daunting journey to web design enlightenment it can be hard to know where to start.

Royalty Free Stock Photos for Web Design
by Sharon Housley - Many of the free websites contain collaborative works from multiple photographers and artists. While the websites attempt to monitor the images in their collections in violation of copyright laws, there are no guarantees. If you opt to use photographs or images from a free portal, it is important to keep this in mind. The following are a large number of reputable stock photo websites available.

Web Site Leverage
by Robert Middleton - Ever go to a web site and find that after poking around a few pages you just click off and go to another site? Of course. It happens millions of times a day on the web. Why? Good question! This is an important one because if you can't get people to stick around your site and eventually contact you, your web site is just taking up cyberspace.

Is Your Website Old School? 5 Reasons To Redesign With CSS
by Linda Bustos - as a small business owner, you may be concerned about the up-front costs of a website redesign. But once you understand how a redesign can help you drive traffic to your site, convert more users and even save money, you’ll feel more positive about making the investment in your business.

Using Your Homepage to Tell a Story
by Michelle Howe - A website is more than a brochure; it is an opportunity to start building a relationship with your perspective client or customer. The best way to do this is tell a story.

8 Quick Ways To Analyze Your Own Website
by Dale King - Listed below is a basic, website analyzation template I created, that will quickly and easily enable you to analyze and fix your own website.

Websites, Graphics and Thumbnails
by Vickie J Scanlon - When constructing a website, everyone likes to see and use graphics. But images also bring slow load times. So how can you use images to not only bring aesthetic quality to your site, but also to enhance it for those who venture onto your site?

10 Reasons Why Your Website is Leaking Money
by Kristie Tamsevicius - If your visitor can't answer in about 5 seconds "What's in it for me," you've lost them. And with every lost visitor go lost profits. How can you be sure that your website isn't losing profits? Below are the top 10 reasons why your website is leaking money. See how your website measures up.

Are your Web pages Sagging?
by Judy Cullins - Are your web sales down? Practically non-existing? Do you wonder what it will take to change this? Do you want to take action, but don't know where to start? When you are willing to take on this challenge, you are ready to make other choices.

Before You Ask For A Website Critique - Do's and Don'ts
by Cassie Germsheid - Every day there are hundreds of requests in internet marketing and web design forums to review websites. While some of the websites or blogs are really well done and link-worthy, others are poorly written, unprofessional looking, or just plain confusing. I know that a lot of people starting out with a brand new website can be unaware of what type of pages convert better than others, so I thought I'd compile a list of "Do's and Don'ts" to clarify.

Web Design And Navigation
by Scott Lindsay - As people “browse” the Web, they “land” on a page and “navigate” on a website. To find their way around they need a “navigation” system.

Elements Of Great Websites
by Irene Kopaliani - There are literally millions of websites on the Internet these days. How do you make sure that your website is not lost in virtual obscurity? Well, there are several key elements that every great website has. These elements are described below.

Qualities of a Good Web Designer
by Jeremy Hoehn - In order to help you identify what to look for in a web designer, I have created the top 5 things to look for when searching for a web designer.

5 Tips For A Better Website
by Tara Grant - Having an eye catching website is great, but are you optimizing your website to allow the best performance possible?

Evaluate Your Website Risk for Becoming Obsolete
by Jim Degerstrom -Small business owners satisfied with the look of their commercial website may be in for a surprise, soon. Some designers have ignored advice from the Worldwide Web Consortium, W3C, the international authority establishing standards for code to create web sites. There are new reasons to reconsider the W3C recommendations.

Discount Web Design
by Adrian Lawrence - The web design that your business presents to the world helps to form an image of your company and the level of work that can be expected in the customer’s mind. It is for this very reason that having great web design is important to your company’s website.

How to Really Annoy your Web Site Visitors
by Halstatt Pires - It is quite easy to build a web site. It is even easier to really annoy your web site visitors.

How To Choose A Web Designer
by David Malan - These are some of the things I've been told hold people back when discussing web design with some small businesses.

My Mistakes as a Web Design Newbie
by Paul Lewis - Approaching retirement age I was made redundant last year and decided to create my first web site, initially knowing little about it. I hope that, by reading about my experiences, I may save you both time and money if you ever find yourself in the position of wanting to build a site with little initial knowledge.

Web Design that is Screen Resolution Friendly
by Mark Nenadic - Surfing the web always brings up a swath of different problems all based on the different settings implemented by the web designers in their signature web designs. Among these problems is a major one that has to do with the screen resolution settings of all the different visitors who may visit any given web design.

Marketing – The Never Ending Story
by Nancy Fraser - When we hear from business people who ask about changes to their website, usually the conversation goes like this. "Can you take a look at my website? I want to increase the traffic. I don’t seem to be getting many people to the site and don’t get any business from it." I look at the site, get back to them with suggested changes and additions, and talk about what it takes to drive traffic and sales on the web.

Navigate With Ease – Why Easy Website Navigation Is The Key To Repeat Business
by Anton Cheranev - Although there are many experts who claim to know what makes a website successful, upon researching one would find that almost every expert would agree that navigation has a large part in the formula. Easy website navigation is the key to repeat business.

Improve Your Visitors Experience - Add Scripts to Your Website
by Gavyn Stewart - For new webmasters, adding third-party software and scripting to a website can be a really scary proposition. In its most basic understanding, "scripting" is the process of programming webpages to perform certain calculations, which will affect how information is displayed on the webpage.

Website Colors That Turn Off Your Customers
by Christie Turley - Using too many colors or the wrong combination of colors on your website could alienate or turn off customers completely. Out of any form of non-verbal communication, color is the quickest way to communicate a message and meaning.

Great Online Resources for Webmasters
by S. Housley - As the web becomes increasingly more crowded, it is important for webmasters to take the extra step to make their web sites user friendly. There are a number of free resources available to webmasters.

The Importance Of An Email List For Your Online Business And How To Create One
by Douglas Titchmarsh - What if your visitors don't buy, how do you bring them back again if you offer a better deal in the future, or have new products they may be interested in? That's where an email list becomes your best friend, and online businesses biggest asset.

One Page Websites: Pro's and Con's
by Stacey Morris - There’s a lot of talk in the infopreneur world about the difference between a website with a dozen pages or more and a one page website geared toward selling a particular product. I’ll be discussing the pro’s and con’s of each type of site, and hopefully clarifying some of the current issues.

Things to Consider Before Redesigning or Redeveloping a Website
by zuricka - Its 2006 and you have made a few resolutions. You need your website to perform so that you reap the rewards. This article will be more useful to companies who have a web based business or a portal.

How To Hire A Web Developer
by David Risley - You have a business and you want a website. You want to hire a web developer/designer to create a professional website for you, set it up, then hand it over to you for you to do what you want with it. But, how should you go about finding someone to do this? What should you look for? There are literally thousands of companies/individuals out there offering to do your website. How do you pick from this large group?

Finding the Perfect Web Designer 101
by Teri Tucker - So, you've decided that your company needs a web site. Now what? Since we are ultimately talking about your "online business image", unless you yourself have web design experience, finding that perfect web designer to create your company site is a very important next step.

Website Value - What's Your Business' Website Worth?
by William Lee - If you were asked to put a value on your website what would it be? Perhaps you paid a small fortune and commissioned a top design agency to build it. It would still be worth at least what you paid for it, right?

90s Web Design: A Nostalgic Look Back
by Joel Walsh - A nostalgic look back at 90s web design, and a warning to anyone whose website is an accidental anachronism.

Selecting the Best Web Design Language for Your Project
by Shelley Lowery - If you'd like to create and publish your own web site on the Internet, your first step should be to decide what type of web site you would like to create and what web design language you would like to use.

The Future Of Web Design Is Content Management!
by Martin Lemieux - Web development has greatly increased in popularity over the last 5 years. Many new design concepts, code standards, and technology advances have happened in a short amount of time. With that, so has the knowledge and demand for better, more independent and functional web design packages. More and more we are starting to see a shift in consumer demand for the increasingly popular website content management system.

Usability and Considerate Design - How Good Design and Manners Create User Confidence
by Kim Krause Berg - I hate to imagine that in your web development project team meetings, the one thing that will be overlooked is consideration for the end user. Yet, how many white boards have you seen lately that have “ease of use”, or “be polite to customers” scribbled anywhere on them?

Why Use a Web Design Template?
by Julia Jackson - Many smart and savvy businesses are choosing to use a website template, and avoiding employing a professional designer. Why? Well, there are clear benefits: saving on cost, saving on time, and ensuring quality.

Why Some Web Sites Sell and Others Don't
by Charlie Cook - Does your site pull in a steady steam of prospects, build your target list and supply you with both clients and income from product sales? If not, take a look at your site content, design and promotional strategy.

What is Content? Part I
by Scottie Claiborne - Browse any webmaster forum or read web tutorials and you will find that nearly all the experts these days recommend that you have lots of good content on your site. Sounds like good advice, doesn't it? But what does it mean?

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