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Archives Category: Software

The Importance Of Anti-virus Software
by Patrick Flouster - Any computer and internet user, regardless of the reasons that they are online, need to have the latest antivirus software programs installed on their computer.

Is Your Shopping Cart Software Easy To Use
by Michael Moshkovich - Customers leave shopping carts before completing the purchase for a number of reasons. You yourself may have done that. Here are a few reasons that having a shopping cart that is easy to use can make or break the sale.

Email Marketing: Software Solutions
by Scott Lindsay - If you wish to provide email marketing as part of your online business plan you might want to look at some of the email marketing software applications available.

Free Business Software Alternatives To Microsoft Office
by Paul Wilson - The cost of using ‘paid for’ business software has become prohibitive. Both businesses and home users are focusing on new and affordable avenues.

Help Desk Software
by Anne Sych - In today's fast paced business scenario managing customer's requests has become more and more complicated. Call volumes and customer expectations are high and may exceed what staff can effectively respond to. Enter "Help Desk Software" - today's tool for providing an efficient way to manage problems or issues, creating an effective chain of communication.

How to install and use phpList
by Bedrich Omacka - I will explain how to install phpList and how to use this great PHP script. First, let's answer the question what is phpList good for.

The Pros and Cons of Web Applications
by S. Housley - There has been a long running debate about web applications replacing desktop software applications. While some functions are better suited to web applications. It is my belief that security concerns and legacy systems will prevent desktop software from becoming obsolete.

Benefits of Website Design with Director 8.5
by Bernice Ly - Reasons why designing your website with Director 8.5 is beneficial.

How To Recover Deleted Or Lost Files
by Julian Moss - The It's a horrible feeling, the moment you realise that some important document, or irreplaceable photos have vanished from your computer. But that is no reason to despair. The chances are that the data is still present, even if you know you deleted it. Your computer operating system just does not know how to find it any more but data recovery software may be able to.

Small Business Web Shopping Cart Software: 7 Reasons Hosted Is Better
by Joel Walsh- Why should you pay for a remotely hosted shopping cart for your small business website, rather than just install a free OpenSource shopping cart on your site? There are a lot of reasons...

Repackaged Shopping Cart Software: Upgrade Your Site
by Jay Moncliff - No matter what you decide to sell online, you will most likely need shopping cart software to make your site user friendly and easy to purchase from. Allowing your customers to add the items that they’d like to purchase and check out right from your site makes purchasing much easier for the internet consumer and will help increase your sales.

Link Directory Software
by Henry James - Link directory is the place on the internet where various web players maintain their links for free to exchange links or trade purposes. In fact it is an easy and effective way for the link seeking websites to sight their links.

Quick Books and Finances
by Adam Smith - Quick Books is a software package that assists you in managing your accounting and financial data. Quick Books streamlines the accounting and financial reporting process, allowing a small business to operate void of any financial specialist.

Quality Call Center Software
by Ben Shar - Your company needs to pull ahead of the others. It is just a fact that the more quality work you can produce the more clients you will have. When it comes to call center software, this is just what you need to have.

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