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5 Reasons Why Your Work At Home Business Might Be Failing

by Christina L.

I have seen it many times. Join a company one week, and quit the next. Why is so many mom's out there joining companies, and then failing so quickly? While there might be plenty of reasons, here are 5 of the top reasons why this is happening:

1. Not treating your new business like an actual job

2. Not giving your new business enough time to grow, giving up too soon

3. Do not know how to market and promote your business

4. Do not really like your new business or service you offer

5. To expensive to continue, can not afford marketing materials, supplies, etc..

Now that you have seen the 5 reasons above, does one or more of them sound like something you might be going through right now? Let's talk about solutions for these problems.

To be successful at your new business, you need to put effort into it. Treating your new business just like a job is very important. Put aside time each day to 'go to work' and work on growing your business. Spending a couple hrs a week on your business is not going to make it grow into a large income for yourself, so make sure you have enough time devoted to making your business thrive. If you have small kids at home, catch up on business emails during their nap times, or get an hour of work in after the kids go to bed. Or better yet, set up a routine of exactly what your going to work on each day, so you accomplish that task fully and feel like you have acheived and finished a task for the day.

For instance, if you get online and have not set any tasks, you might find yourself answering a couple emails here, doing a little advertising there, and when you get offline after an hour feel like you really did not accomplish anything. You still have tons of emails, and still need to advertise more, nothing feels done. But if you set one single task, like monday is your advertising day, tuesday is networking, wednesday is answer all emails in your inbox, thursday is offline promotion, at the end of each day you will feel like you actually completed a whole task and you feel like you did so much more! Being organized and setting tasks to complete fully feels great and can increase your chances of being successful at your new business.

Do not join a business opportunity and give up in 2 weeks because you are not a huge success yet. Businesses take time to develop and your not going to become an instant wealthy business owner overnite. If your serious about making your new business work, you must allow time for it to grow. Do not become easily frusterated that things are going a little slower than planned. Instead, think of what you can do to change it.

If you do not know how to market your business, or you are having troubles, look to others for advice and help! If you are in direct sales, your sponsor will gladly be able to help you, and if they cannot, find help elsewhere, from networking groups, others in the same business as you, work at home resources, from reading articles, message boards, etc. Do not give up because you are new to marketing, everyone had to start as being the new person and learn the ropes, look up to those who have already done it and learn as much as you can from them.

Loving what you do is a huge key factor in becoming successful. Do not join an opportunity just because it seemed like a good idea, or it was cheap or free to join. If you do not love the product or the service, it will probably end of being a failed business venture. For instance, selling pet products when you do not even own a pet is a sure sign of failure down the road, because how interested are you in selling pet toys when you do not even want to own a pet? Loving your products or the service you offer is key to becoming successful. If you do not like the product or service you are selling, finding a new business is for sure something to think about. Don't settle, find the perfect opportunity for you!

When you join a new business, such as a direct sales company, be aware that you do not have to buy every marketing tool they offer you. You can start your business with very little of that if you are on a tight start up budget. You do not need the company logo pen and other non needed business tools. Skip that and just get the tools you will need to get started. Once you are earning more money you can splurge on the other tools you want to get. If the company business cards are nice but pretty expensive, make your own business cards with your printer. Cutting down on marketing materials, and even advertising costs can help you create a nice income quicker so you can afford more expensive marketing costs down the road when it becomes more suitable. If you are promoting your business online, set a monthly budget and after that budget is spent, spend your advertising day finding ways to promote your business for free. Find message boards, networking groups and actively participate as much as you can. Track your advertising by asking any of your leads where they found your ad, so you can know what is working when you do pay for an ad spot online.

Making your business thrive instead of fail can be as simple as taking a few different approaches to how you handle it. Sit down and write out the issues you are facing with your business, and write out the possible solutions and take action to change it. Doing so will make your business take a turn for the better, instead of the worse. Good luck!

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About the Author:

Christina L. is a work at home mom with 3 kids and the owner of

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