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Are You Confusing Your Web Site Visitors?

by Debbie Ducker

If you have a cluttered mess of banners and multiple text ads on your site, unless it is a specified site of resources such as a recommended links section, link exchange or a topic specific portal, etc... then you are confusing your visitor.

Your visitor came there for a specific reason, and if they get there and are presented with a confusing mess, you can bet they will not stick around.

I know! Because I had this very same kind of site when I first started to try to sell products on-line. We all tend to do it at first. It just comes natural to do what you have learned and that is usually how to copy and paste HTML codes that affiliate program owner's give you. Before you know it you have mega banners and text ads everywhere and your site takes 10 minutes to load.

Eventually I finally learned that you have to lead the customer into what you have to offer them and why or how it will benefit them and then how they can get it. They will not take the time to find all this out for themselves. Especially if it means weeding through a bunch of irrelevant links.

Once I finally organized the main area of my web site to sell only my products and a few select top affiliate products then I immediately started making money. Every product or service I offer and my top choices in affiliate products and services, was streamlined with it's own information page and specific information on how the customer could order it.

Once your web site visitor understand exactly what it is you have to offer, why they need it and how they can get it... then you have just raised your chances ten fold of making the sale.

Now this will not happen by magic of course. There are certain steps and basic formulas you should follow during this process. Paying close attention to each step as you do it, perfecting it before you move on to the next one will ensure you get optimal results.

Which way you go about this will depend on what you sell and the design of you site. Some site owner's prefer to have everything on one long page. This option does fine if you only have one product. But for multiple products I strongly recommend separate pages for each one, this will help cut down on the confusion.

Basing this on multiple services/products. I suggest an overview of you, your company and what it offers on your main index page. Then lead visitors off to the specific services one page at a time. On each of those pages it will then give you the freedom and room to go into detail about that particular product or service.

Doing the above will also give you the ability to optimize each page based on that product's targeted key words which will help you with a better ranking in the top search engines.

I challenge you to get started today organizing your site for optimal results and sales. Test and re-test and keep tweaking everything from your ad and site copy to your order process, until you are finally making the sales you deserve for your hard work.

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About the Author:

Debbie Ducker is the owner of: And editor of the "Ducker Promotion Free Internet Marketing Ezine".

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