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What are Back-End Products?

by Rachna

Are you the one who are interested in making one more sales after a healthy sales ends? Well I'm one of them. And from here comes my idea about back-end products. Back-end products are the products that you want to sell to your existing customers after they have purchased a product from you.

Back-end products are the escalators for your business. You just have to choose right products as back end products. For example: - If you are selling article distribution software as your main product then you can ask your customers for article generator software as a back-end product. Remember that the back-end product must be related to your main product. You can't sell a dog training book with article distribution software.

In this E-World it's very hard to convert visitors into customers. So it's easy to sell product to your existing customers rather than visitors. In this way back-end products can help you to make more sales with same customers. Now the question arises which button is to press to let your business escalate. It means the points you have to consider to let your back products sell out easily. Here are the points you have to ponder on:-

1. Introduce
You can introduce your back end product just after you have completed your main product sales. You can display your back-end product at the thank you page of your main product. You can announce your back end product in the email confirming right delivery of your main product. You can also include brochure of your back-end product if you are selling non-digital products.

2. Special Offers
You can announce special offers to your back-end products. You ask them to purchase your back-end product with their main product if they want to save their money.

3. Freebies
You can give your customers a free gift with your product. You can include the ads of your back-end product in this free gift. In this way they will be happy that they are getting a free gift and you will also be happy.

4. Free Subscription
You can ask people for free subscription to your ezine with your product. You can announce your new products in your ezine issues and ask them if they are interested. Send them a free demo of your new product if they are interested in it.

5. Members Only
You can give free membership area to your customers. In this way you can make your members feel respected. You can create a members only area in which you give special incentives to your members. They will feel great to know that they are getting special offers.

So in this way you can rock your sales more with the same customer’s wallet. What you have to do is to choose the right back-end product. You can increase your sales once you will build a credible relationship with your customers.

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About the Author:

Rachna is the author of this article. Are you interested in giving your customers a useful free product. You can also give it as a thanks product to your customers. Visit here:-

Copyright 2006 Rachna

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