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5050BIZ Launches New Generation Virtual Office That Bundles Business Management, Social Networking and Communication Tools All in One Website

PRESS RELEASE - Software flourishes. Platforms proliferate. Applications abound. And for many small and medium-sized businesses, the promise of new technologies — increased efficiency, teamwork and sales — too often devolves into a bewildering, cacophonous digital bazaar. What tools are right for us? How much should they cost? What are their benefits?

In answer to these questions, 5050BIZ has two words of advice: Bundle up. 5050BIZ today launched an innovative, low-cost, easy-to-use virtual office different from other business solutions. It bundles together, in a single Website, many of the digital management and communication tools, as well as social business networking tools that businesses need to succeed today.

5050BIZ was created by business people, for business people, with the intention of making it easy to understand and simple to use for everyone from the not-so-tech-savvy to those who are familiar with the ins and outs of all of today's technology,” said Leif Hartwig, the company's founder and chief executive officer. "The idea was to offer businesses a one-stop shop that truly offers everything – from social networking to project management and communication and self-improvement – and eliminates the hassle of having to seek out all these tools individually – think of it as the digital version of paying every bill with one check.”

5050BIZ subscribers may make unlimited use of its features, which include:

* Video conferencing, including conferencing with non-subscribers
* Chat and instant messaging
* Bulletin boards
* Industry experts to answer business questions
* Link box to external business applications
* Social networking within and across companies and industries
* Job Posting/Searching Store
* Share and organize documents online (in development)
* Advertising
* A version for Web-enabled devices (in development)

Upon subscription, 5050BIZ automatically creates a company network, a network for each individual user and an industry network (based on a company's field of business) so that users can immediately begin creating relationships and sharing strategies and ideas. As 5050BIZ grows — company projections call for 1 million-plus paid subscribers within five years — its social networking reach will grow accordingly.

"Social networking is a valuable tool and we have found that people in business want to be part of a community,” said Karen Connors, 5050BIZ's senior vice president of operations, "but too often, it's used passively or never again after sign-up. Our Website enables people to use social networking proactively to create meaningful professional connections.”

Besides streamlining operations, reducing costs and strengthening employee relationships, 5050BIZ's virtual office also offers an extremely low barrier-to-entry.

Because the office is Web-based, it's accessible almost anywhere. There is no software to install, no hosting charges to incur, and training and highly responsive technical support are included in the subscription price. Individual subscriptions begin at $24.95 per month, corporate subscriptions at $49.95 per month.

"We recognize in this economy that businesses want to reduce costs and are turning more and more to the virtual office solution to do so,” Hartwig said. "It's our goal at 5050BIZ to help businesses accomplish this by providing a virtual community with access to the most valuable digital tools available today in and easy-to-use, affordable package.”

About the company
5050BIZ, LLC is a privately funded limited-liability company based in Tucson, AZ. The company, founded in 2008, developed and now offers a low-cost, easy-to-use, subscription-based virtual office that bundles together, in a single Website, a host of digital business management and networking tools. For more information, visit

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