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Archives Category: Planning

Does your business need a Wellness Checkup? Explore these three simple areas for better business health.

By Loretta Bradshaw - Have you ever really thought about giving your business a wellness checkup? It is a common practice by most of us to spend time and money investing in our own personal health. We all have a desire to live long healthy lives, and why should our businesses be any different? Our businesses need regular checkups to stay in shape and sustain profits well into the future.

Planning Ahead With Your Designer
by Erin Ferree - Whenever you work with a designer other than the original who created your logo, stationery and marketing materials, we suggest a few practices that will prove invaluable for ensuring a consistent look and feel across all of your marketing communications.

Tips for Starting a Home Business
by Mal Keenan - Starting a home business is a dream that many people share. You can work according to your own schedule, "fire" difficult clients, avoid difficult bosses, spend more time with your family, escape a lot of the daily stress faced by employees at their jobs, and pursue your own interest more. It's a big leap from being an employee to working for yourself, so a little preliminary planning can never hurt.

Make Mine to Grow: Building Your Solo Business to Outgrow You!
by Eileen Parzek - Many solo entrepreneurs choose to curtail their businesses growth for the purpose of lifestyle. Others have visions of expansion right from the start. Being the only person in a business, wearing all of the hats, is just a stepping stone to increased prosperity. What steps can you take if you plan to expand your business some day?

The Latest in Business Plans-Interview with Tim Berry, CEO of Palo Alto Software
by Anita Campbell - Tim Berry, CEO of Palo Alto Software (, knows as much about business plans as anyone today. After all, his company’s main product is Business Plan Pro, the popular business planning software. He is a renowned planning expert. Recently, he talked about the latest trends in business plans with trend spotter, futurist and serial entrepreneur Anita Campbell. That interview is reproduced here.

Staying Ahead of Competitors
by Scottie Claiborne -If your business depends on the internet to survive, you can't rest. You've got to keep searching for that "something extra" that will brand your business as a leader and make it stand out from the rest.

Advisory Boards: Seven Great Reasons to Have One
By Anita Campbell - Have you ever thought about setting up an Advisory Board? It can be one of the best moves you make for your business. And it is easier than you think -- costing little or nothing.

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